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Friday Faves!

July 18, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and by a while, I mean 3 months! The first trimester had no mercy on me this time, and I was barely up for looking at my phone, let alone a computer screen for a long period of time! Anyways, I am back (second trimester happiness, woo woo sheboogy!) and wanted to share a few of my current “faves” happening in my life right now!

1.) The Clarisonic Mia2:
26da7f8d419a9f2a0c2f00564fb512ca-1If you’ve been genetically blessed with perfect skin, scroll on. But for longer than I’d like to admit, I had yearned for one of these babies. Could it promise the results it said? Well, I truly have oily skin (and as I get older, I don’t mind it, people with oily skin tend to wrinkle less) that is also blotchy, acne-prone (mild, but it still stinks always having at least a few blemishes happening,) and porous along the t-zone. I use a cleanser with a little benzoyl peroxide with this every morning and night, and my skin has never felt cleaner or looked better. I know it’s because it gently cleans and exfoliates so well, so that your skin doesn’t look dull (also making your makeup look awesome, because your skin is so smooth!) I’d strongly advise getting a kit, as they’re the same price as not getting a kit, and then you get a bunch of fun samples to go with it. They’re currently on Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, but I got mine at Sephora with a 20% discount last winter, because I am a “V.I.B.” It’s a splurge, but it’s worth it! PS: Mia or Mia2? I really don’t use the second speed setting on my Mia2, but I just got it because I wanted all the extra goodies that came with it (the one pictured is the exact one I got.)

2.) Munchkin Click Lock Straw Sippy Cup:
munchkin15424aDid you ever think the topic of a sippy cup could be an actual topic of discussion? Welcome to parenthood! 🙂 After trying out a few cups, this one has been the by-far favorite in our household. Easy to clean, easy for Hadley to drink out of (I’ve seriously never seen her drink more water than when she has one of these cups,) truly leakproof (as long as you put them back together correctly, which is very simple, I promise) AND they are cheap! They’re at Target, and are about $2.50 each. I have a few and just alternate them as needed.

3.) This maternity maxi skirt:
IMG_5476Before we headed to Iowa, I wanted to get a few comfy pieces of clothing, maternity or regular, I just wanted to be happy! I found this skirt at Target, and was amazed by how flattering (the picture doesn’t quite do it justice) and incredibly comfortable it is. What’s interesting, is it will totally be able to be worn in non-pregnant times, because it’s just basically a really great yet form-fitting skirt! You can shop for it here!

4.) Green Tea Frappuccinos
frappThe obligatory pregnancy craving post. I know my fellow baristas are filled with rage at a frappuccino post (if you didn’t know this, baristas HATE making them!) but oh my word, I can’t get enough of these, except I do, because I am thrifty/fairly health-conscious and refuse to indulge in Starbucks too often! The irony is, in the two years I worked at Starbucks, I refused to try one of these because the melon syrup really grossed me out. I was browsing through a magazine and saw someone drinking one of those, and I was suddenly re-intrigued. Aaron and I decided to venture to Starbucks and found out that they’re only made with classic syrup (aka: simple syrup) now, so we went for it. I can’t believe how delicious it is to me, I prefer to order it nonfat and no whip; it’s by far my favorite treat this summer!

5.) Chicco Nextfit Car Seat
The time [recently] came for us to upgrade Hadley’s car seat. Being the 19 pound and petite peanut she still is, it wasn’t urgent, but we want to keep the infant car seat as nice as possible for Baby Girl #2, and Hadley deserves a little more room on our car rides. We went to Buy Buy Baby and our poor, darling daughter was put in at least 6 different seats! I was leaning towards the Peg Perego, Britax Pavilion, Maxi Cosi, and Chicco Nextfit. We ended up trying all of those, as well as a Recaro and Diono. By FAR, we loved the Nextfit the most. In the past year since it’s been introduced, Chicco listened to reviews and made simple changes to make it the best it can be. Things we liked: excellent safety reviews, easy loosening/tightening mechanism, two-size chest clip, long crotch strap, plush interior, cup holder, and easy to install. We also got to use the always-lovely 20% off coupon that BuybuyBaby/Bed Bath and Beyond always offer, so we got it on sale. Hadley is so much happier in her seat during car rides, and has even fallen asleep in it, which hasn’t happened since she was a few months old! Aaron’s favorite part: even rear-facing (which we are still doing) it gives optimal leg-room for the person in front of the car seat, and since ours is currently on the driver’s side, he has plenty more room! It’s crazy to think a convertible car seat could make your car roomier than an infant car seat! (By the way, we have the Chicco Keyfit Infant Car Seat and have loved that one, too!)

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