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A Day in the Life of a 15-Month-Old

July 30, 2014

My older sister, Nicole, is expecting a baby boy next month. She and her husband just moved to the central coast, and I’ve been excited for the chance to spend time with her and see their new place. My husband made the kind and brave offer to watch Hadley Friday-Monday, so I could have a baby-free weekend with my mom and sister. I happily took his offer, and the preparations began!

I began to write on a notepad a little list of foods Hadley has been enjoying (sadly, my very non-picky eater has been in a bit of a weird stage lately, but she is still pretty good!) As I wrote, I thought, “I might as well type this…” and as I continued to type I thought, “I might as well make a little timeline…” Well, what turned into a meal list turned into a timeline and then turned into a full-blown schedule of how her day normally goes. Maybe you scoff, but Aaron was over the moon to have a little guide as to how our daughter’s day goes. I get to stay home with her and know her to a tee, so why would I not want to set him up for success? Mostly as a joke, I posted a little picture of the “sub plans” (I used to be a teacher, and these were basically what my sub plans looked like) on facebook, and my friends were pretty big fans/thought it was hilarious/awesome.
10488013_10100330127588723_3001054941270451910_nWhen I got home, I returned to a happy husband that told me that schedule could enable almost anyone to do a great job at taking care of our daughter. This was like music to my ears! I appreciate that he was willing to take any help or advice I could give him, knowing I did it 100% out of love for him and Hadley. 🙂

Below are the actual “sub plans” I made for Aaron, for those of you wondering what the day-to-day schedule of 15 month old Hadley looks like, or if you have a baby similar in age and you’re looking to make a few changes to the day. Also, I kept the meal ideas as-is.

*disclaimer: the reason for the “hair clip” notes a few times: Hadley was born with an incredible head of hair (I was bald as could be as a baby, so I owe the awesome hair to Aaron.) As much as I adore some cute little-girl bangs, I am just not up for the maintenance of it, and if her heart desires bangs once she’s older, I will make them happen. Anyways, when Aaron typically gets Hadley in the morning, he puts her in the high chair with no hair clip. This is her hair in it’s natural habitat, so a gentle reminder for the clip was very necessary. 😉 IMG_7970


7:15-7:45: Wake Up, hair clip before breakfast! 🙂

Breakfast Ideas (Main:)                                                       Breakfast Ideas (Sides:)
-cereal and milk                                                                    -half a banana
-pancakes cooked with bananas or blueberries                -thin slices of fresh apple
-TJ’s blueberry toaster waffles                                            -toast (w/pb, jam, earth balance)
-scrambled eggs                                                                    -halved grapes
-toast topped with pb, earth balance, or jam

*try to attempt a little sippie of milk for her after breakfast, instead of water

After breakfast, she will usually go #2, then I change her and get her dressed for the day, hair clip! 🙂

8:30-9:30: Walk, make sure to use the paci clip, and to put baby sunscreen on her legs

9:30-10: Play time downstairs while I usually clean up the kitchen, if she’s tired after her walk, she can go down for a nap a little earlier, but no earlier than 9:30

10-11:30/no later than 12 (unless she didn’t go down for a long time): morning nap

12-12:30: Lunch time

Lunch/Dinner Ideas:
-macaroni and cheese with peas
-Amy’s organic burrito
-peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a thin bun, sliced into squares
-grilled cheese on a thin bun, sliced into squares
-grilled chicken
-cut-up meatballs and curly pasta with red sauce
-margherita pizza
-tortellinis tossed in pesto, topped with mozzarella
-black beans topped with Mexican cheese
-veggie lasagna (freezer)
-chicken burgers (haven’t tried it yet, but I bet she’d like some of it)

Lunch/Dinner sides:
-cut-up string cheese
-thinly-sliced baby carrots
-green beans
-sweet potatoes (sliced up, tossed in evoo, and baked in the oven at 400 for about 15-20 min)

12:30-2:30- Play time! Usually we go out and do something (ie: trip to Target, grocery store, play date, park) for some of this, she also absolutely loves our backyard, so playing at the water table (make sure toys are sprayed off and it’s filled with clean water,) her kiddie pool (make sure she’s supervised, even if it’s shallow,) or even going in the pool with you would make her so happy! Beware of her love for finding bamboo berries!

2:30/3 until 4: afternoon nap

4:15: Snack time!

Snack Ideas:
-string cheese
-cheddar bunnies
-snap pea crisps
-berry smoothie

4:30-6:00/6:30: Play time/Free time

6:00/6:30-7: Dinner Time (dinner ideas listed with lunch ideas)

7-7:30- Wind down, bath time, story time

7:30-8: Bedtime! You made it! 🙂

Some Hadley Hacks:
-if she’s fussy and you need to run errands, take a snack cup of the apple crisps, those keep her quiet, but make sure you also bring some water for her, she gets just as grumpy when she’s thirsty
-she usually goes #2 again after lunch, definitely before her second nap
-if you need to work in the garage, don’t forget about the pack and play—I’d put things like Tupperware and random stuff in it versus her toys, she is kind of burnt out on her toys
-if she doesn’t nap, I still have her stay in her room, unless she is sobbing. I think it’s important she has designated quiet times in her crib, whether or not she chooses to sleep
-make sure to open the blinds and turn off the nightlight when her bedtimes and naptimes are over
-there are more stories inside the ottoman, the bookshelf was getting too cluttered
-if she’s outside at all, make sure to put her baby sunscreen on
-close the baby gate until she is in the crib
-keep toilets closed

I love you, babe!

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