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Aaron: That Husband of Mine

August 4, 2014

It isn’t a special occasion, no Valentine’s Day or upcoming anniversary, but maybe because I have all kinds of lovely “chemicals” (as my husband likes to call them) going on in my body right now to grow this lovely baby girl, that I just had to write a post about him!

In case you, too, have a little love for Aaron, or you’re just curious of some of the many things I love about him, here’s some tidbits!


Us at the CA State Fair this year- July 2014

1.) This summer marks 9 years since we met. I saw him first: the tall, dashing, 6 foot 1 guy that was working at the Starbucks where I was sent to get white mocha syrup from (we were both baristas, but different stores, so Romeo and Juliet!) My friend and fellow barista was with me, was actually on his softball team, and he told her I should come—that the team needed more girls. Destiny!

2.) I still make way better coffee than him! 😉

3.) He is literally a computer genius, and is the most attractive nerd I have ever met. Since I am not supposed to talk about what he does for a living too much, I will share just a few of the many random things he has done just for his nerdish kicks: hacking our electric garbage can to open faster and be able to be plugged in, installing security cameras around our house that I didn’t even notice, downloading all kinds of software to our TVs/phones/tablets that I don’t even know about, but makes life way easier!

4.) We probably talk nonstop from when he gets home from work until we go to bed—unless we are watching TV, and even then we are awful and make ridiculous commentary together. We can’t shut up around each other, and it’s kind of the best.

5.) Every ridiculous nickname I’ve made (that he hates) he always ends up using. Geeeboschkeebo? Shkinnydipper? Shkinz? Goomba? You can try to figure out which of those belong to Penny (our dog) and which belong to Hadley, but I can tell you three things: I make all the nicknames, he always makes fun of them, but always ends up using them, muahahaha!
IMG_76396.) He is the one with baby fever. True story, this guy was the one so eager for #2 and had to convince me it was time for another!
IMG_88907.) He loves his girls. A wife, a girl dog, a daughter…and another daughter on the way. When we found out we were expecting another baby, we each confided what we wanted…and while we would love whatever happens, we were both rooting for another little girl.
IMG_69898.) He makes me feel like a culinary goddess. Maybe he has an iron stomach, but he will eat and apparently love anything I make him. And, he always says thank you over and over. Hence, I truly do enjoy getting to cook meals for us.

IMG_80209.) He could/would eat BBQ or burgers every day of his life. Meh.
IMG_112710.) He has perfect eyebrows. When we daydreamed of characteristics of ours that Hadley would have, he said, “the only thing I’d love for her to have of mine would be my eyebrows.” Gee, thanks. xoxo, Invisible Eyebrow Woman

11.) He cares about our grass/lawns and the greenness of them, more than I could ever understand.

12.) I cut his hair for him. A kit and a cape have been invested in. The first few times I cried, but I’ve definitely got the hang of it now, and he compliments me saying that I give better haircuts than he’s ever gotten. 🙂

13.) He has the ability to make or fix anything…of this I am convinced. Especially if he combines forces with Matt or his dad. Crown molding? Sneaking into our house while it was being built, to install extra insulation and wiring for under-the-cabinet lighting? A shed that is a replica of what our house looks like? A workbench that also doubles as a beer pong table? Just a few of the many things he has created.

14.) This is a man that will nicely make any returns I need to do so that I don’t have to. I can’t express how nice it is, I get anxious anytime I have to return something.

15.) This guy loves his friends. I can vouch that he doesn’t mutter a bad thing about those he cares about the most, but he gets heated up if someone is rude to a friend or loved one. I am positive this is the reason he has had some of the same friends since he was a little kid.

16.) He genuinely compliments me every day, whether by written or spoken word. This is another reason I think God has thus far entrusted him to be a dad of daughters, too.

17.) He is very protective. Several years ago, when we were leaving a grocery store parking lot, a group of boys on bicycles decided it’d be funny if one of them mooned me (I was as oblivious as can be and never even noticed.) Suddenly, Aaron stops the car and disappears, for me to see him running towards the mooner, [gently] shaking his bicycle so that he fell off, and having some choice words with him. 99% of the speaking was done by Aaron, the remaining 1% was a terrified apology from the mooner. Lesson learned!

18.) He is ridiculously hilarious, and he doesn’t even know it. When he’s frustrated, he gets even funnier. And sometimes the craziest things happen to him. (Ex: when we were in the hospital with Hadley, he had his shirt off and did skin-to-skin with Hadley, but put a blanket over them both, and a nurse came in very concerned and asked him if he was naked….is that not hilarious?) And, if you’re lucky enough to know the nose scratch stories, consider yourself very lucky.

So, 18 is a bit of an uncommon number for a list, but it’s a real list, and I don’t want to go too crazy. I can assure you that in my “chemical-induced” blog post about Aaron, that we are not annoyingly schmoopy, and we keep it real. Sass happens. But all in all, not a day goes by I am not so incredibly thankful that I get to spend my life with someone I love and truly enjoy so much.


Visiting Seattle and taking a ferry to Bainbridge Island- Oct. 2013


Visiting my family in Cedar Rapids, Iowa- July 2014

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  • Reply capriciouspropinquity August 4, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    Awwww! He is rad. Just sayin’.

    • Reply henleyandhadley August 6, 2014 at 9:08 pm

      Heck yes! You totally know the sillyness and awesomeness that is Aaron! ❤️

  • Reply Cassie August 5, 2014 at 10:06 pm

    Love this Christie! I can feel the love and the hormones haha :)! Not meant in a bad way!! I felt so emotionally happy my whole pregnancy! I feel like it just continued on once Ethan arrived! Cheesiness everyday in our house and I love it! I love that you two genuinely enjoy each other so much!

    • Reply henleyandhadley August 6, 2014 at 9:08 pm

      I love you Cassie! Your reply was so fun to read, and you go down as one of my favorite pregnant people of all time. Thanks for reading AND commenting, I feel the love. ❤️

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