Cheers, Toddler Loves, Birthday Fun, & Baby #2 Update

October 15, 2014

I am taking advantage of Hadley napping to do a little update post. We just finished a trip with Hadley’s little buddies (and my buddies, too!) to the Sacramento Children’s Museum. It was such a fun trip! What’s been going on in my little girl’s life lately?
IMG_8793I am not opting for the “baby bangs” that many people pursue with their toddlers. I totally get the appeal (no hair in the face!) BUT let’s be honest…bangs are a lot of maintenance, and so I am skipping that. If she ends up saying, “Hello Mother, I would prefer if I could have horizontal fringe across my forehead” I will gladly accept her request, in the meantime, hairclip, rubberbands, headbands…it takes a village to tame the mane! 😉  IMG_9269Cheers! Yes, she absolutely loves to cheers, anyone, anytime, as much as possible. I happily meet her cheers-ing needs when I get to make myself a yummy pumpkin spice latte in the morning! IMG_9346IMG_8955IMG_9405IMG_9087Tutus, boots with the fur, homemade toys, and shopping carts are a few of her favorite things.
-My sister-in-law is awesome enough to share a fabulous bin of clothes that my two nieces have enjoyed and outgrown. The pink tutu was in one of the bins, and Hadley will find it and beg for me to put it on her. I’ve even gone far enough to hide it, but somehow she always finds it…a girl wants what a girl wants!
-My friend Sara gave Hadley the fuzzy boot slippers for Christmas last year. Since Little Miss’ feet are the size of an average 6 month olds, they are finally fitting. When I let her wear them one rogue, chilly morning, she couldn’t get enough of them. She even had a certain little proud strut when she’d walk around with her fuzzy slippers. 🙂
-I am not someone that likes to have a lot of “stuff.” The toddler stage can be tricky, because toys are truly hit or miss. Some toys that look amazing and interesting, they’ll show no interest over, but then you find a random toy in the dollar section at Target and it’s as good as gold. My friend Michelle gave me the idea of using an Ovaltine tub to use to make toys. It re-ignited my love for Ovaltine (mmm, delicious!) and I punched some holes in it, cut some of my Ikea straws up, and BAM! Hadley’s little straw toy that she is a tremendous fan of! I kid you not, this little toy can keep her busy for quite a while (& supports fine motor skills,) and it cost next to nothing to make!
-The shopping cart! Oh my, the library we love to go to has these shopping carts, and every time we are there she goes straight to them. We finally knew it was time for her to have one of her own, and the smiles and ingenuity of what she likes to do with it are endless.
IMG_9026We went on a trip with our friends Matt and Rachael and their children to Quincy. It was such a nice break from the heat of Roseville, and we went on a walk to a nearby ranch. We enjoyed filets that Aaron made a fancy Kona Coffee crust for with a stout reduction to put on top, served with homemade mashed potatoes and green beans. I had to whip up some chocolate chip cookies for dessert, of course (remember, my major goal during my last pregnancy was to master the chocolate chip cookie, and the friends we have always show major love for them, so it’s kind of necessary to make them sometimes!) 🙂
IMG_9335My birthday was wonderful. I woke up to a cute husband and a cute baby…and a big belly. 😉 I got to open special presents that Aaron picked out for me, took a little walk, got to take my sweet time taking a shower and getting ready,.
IMG_9137We stopped at Starbucks to get one of my favorite sweet treats ever…a Starbucks pumpkin scone. Since the bigger my baby gets, the less room I have in my stomach, I was happy to split the scone with Aaron. IMG_9151 IMG_9158We ate lunch at one of my favorite spots on the way to Apple Hill….Z Pie! Gourmet pot pies are possibly one of the best things ever invented. I have tried many flavors and love the thai chicken, and the steak and cabernet ones! On the way back from Apple Hill, we stopped and grabbed some frozen ones to go, apparently you buy 5 you get 1 free, so our freezer is stocked for a long, cold winter! 🙂  IMG_9162IMG_9202 IMG_9193Hadley LOVES apples, it’s one of her favorite words and foods. She even mistook a mini-pumpkin for an apple, which had to be documented. We let her pick out her own apple, and she was in Heaven. We pretty much couldn’t get the apple out of her hands until it was all gone/applesauce.
IMG_9378I finished the watercolor family portrait for Hadley’s new room. I was so intimidated by this project. Aaron picked out concentrated watercolors in tubes, versus the easy to use little kit where you just dip a wet brush in. I dragged my feet finally beginning the painting process, but for my first try, I am happy with it. I am going to paint her a watercolor of a bird, because that is something she constantly points to in the sky and smiles about, so I figure she should definitely have one in her room.
IMG_9514Here is a picture of my 18 month old girl, my pup, and my 31 week baby belly (well, some of it.) I thought it was sweet Hadley wanted to snuggle by my lap, and every once in a while you have to try to capture those moments. I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday, and everything is going great! My due date is a little bit of a gray area, especially because Hadley was “9 days late” but still just a little 7 pound baby…and the due date this pregnancy has been changed a few times. I am now measuring at 31 weeks, which is what I thought I was, but they had me a week behind that. I just tell people I am due in mid-December, because I got a little overwhelmed last time in how overdue I was getting. I thought I felt the baby move into the head-down position over this weekend, and the nurse confirmed that with a, “Wow! You are carrying so low!” Up until this weekend, she was high up on my rib cage, so now we are at the other extreme. I am just going with it, and am so thankful for a healthy pregnancy. The nurse commented that my blood pressure is getting better and better, which isn’t usually common with women in their 3rd trimester. Also: I had my glucose test last week, and was surprised with the sweetness of it only being 1 hour, versus the 3 hour test I had last time. I smiled and even giggled when she said I got to leave after an hour!

Well, that’s it as far as updates go. This weekend, we will be working on finishing up Hadley’s room as much as possible—it’s getting cuter and cuter and I cannot wait to walk into it in it’s completed glory. 🙂

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    Christie, that was such a great update. So many things to look forward to. Time has a way of racing by, so these beautiful memories are so very special to or for everyone.

  • Reply capriciouspropinquity October 21, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    Such a fun read!

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