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A Morning at the Pumpkin Patch!

October 30, 2014

This morning was a very special, monumental morning in that Hadley got to go to the pumpkin patch (Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland) for the first time! Aaron and I have been talking about taking her since she was born, but last October was filled with a lot of important business trips for Aaron as well as family birthdays, so it didn’t happen. This year, Aaron wanted to have a morning to go with us, but due to work circumstances, he just wasn’t able to make it. Thankfully, my little sister, Beth, was so happy to join us on a last minute little excursion to the pumpkin farm, so Hadley could take it in! I sent lots of videos and pictures to Aaron, so it’d feel like he got to be a part of it. Without him, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy things like this!

We started out at the petting zoo—we were befriended by this stout little goat that reminded me a lot of Happy, my childhood dog that was a big-boned, sweetheart of a bichon frise that went to Heaven last fall. It kept coming up to Hadley and would just stand there, letting her pet (or gently poke) as much as her heart desired. IMG_9801

IMG_6872 2

IMG_6875 We figured Hadley would have some interest in the peacocks, as she has been bird-obsessed lately, but I think the fact that these were her size intimidated her a bit. Here she is looking at them and signing/saying “gah gun” (all done!)
IMG_9803A slightly similar reaction happened with the pigs, there was a mama sow and several little piglets, but they were loud and intense and ferociously feeding, so again with the “gah gun!” (all done!) 🙂 haha!IMG_9805-1Hands-down Hadley’s favorite part of the whole day, these little hens! She went back to their coop at least five times! She would say, “biiiirrrrrrd! peep peep!” and proudly point to their water and say, “wah wah!” This is a girl after my own heart, I grew up having chickens and was in 4-h with one, too! Beth and I have such good memories getting fresh eggs from their nests and the adorableness that the baby chicks would be! Hadley’s proudly carrying on the torch of loving chickens! 🙂IMG_9806Not incredibly thrilled to be leaving the chicken coop to head towards the donkeys, but at least she’s open to new things!IMG_9812 IMG_9849She had a great time petting that black sheep behind her. She would giggle SO loud every time she felt its wool. She did not discriminate that it had lots of flies around it, she would gently shoo them away. She was pointing at a goat that was up high on a little bridge, it cracked her up! IMG_9824I couldn’t stop laughing while taking this picture!IMG_9827We stopped at the Cider House to get some samples of cider and honey. When I asked Hadley if she’d like to try some cider, she politely yet adamantly shook her head “no.” When I reworded it to, “Hadley, would you like to drink some apples?” She ran to me. This girl loves anything and everything apples. She was a big fan!IMG_9847We headed towards the pumpkin patch! One of the employees offered to take our picture—Hadley was definitely scoping him out (she’s in a major “stranger danger” stage right now where she won’t crack a smile for an unfamiliar face…unless she’s randomly up for it) but I am still so happy we got a little group picture!  IMG_9831 IMG_9842Hadley went from 40mph to 0mph pretty quickly, this girl got tired! We got to see our friends Arianna and Lisa (I sadly didn’t get a picture) and then Beth and I thought it’d be a good idea for Hadley to get one last joyride around the animal area again. Straight to the goats, and petting them like she had been doing it her whole life. IMG_9844Then, she bee-lined to the chicken coop to see her “old friends”—this girl walked around like she owned the place! haha! 🙂  IMG_9846All in all, it was a really simple yet happy morning. Having a baby/toddler/child sure does put things into perspective…sometimes the little things are the most special and laughter-inducing moments. I am thankful my little sister came with us, Hadley probably gave Beth at least six hugs and kisses throughout our morning together. It’ll be fun to experience it next year with a 2.5 year old Hadley and a 10-ish month old baby girl, too! <3

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  • Reply LaDonna Aitchison October 30, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    What a fun adventure to share with your sister! I enjoyed the pictures and your wonderful remarks of a full day of happiness. You are a great mother and good wife, so be very proud of yourself.

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