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Two under Two: The First Weeks

February 6, 2015

It’s been a while…in fact, the last post I made I promised would be my last one while pregnant. I kept my promise, and now I have an almost 7 week old and a 21 month old, that should say enough in and of itself of why I haven’t written since December. 😉

A few weeks ago, I got my first, “You sure have your hands full.” It was said in an endearing, “awww” kind of way, but I still got it! To be honest, I took it as a little notch on my belt, I grinned and thought in my head, “Yes, yes I do…nothing wrong with that!” When I catch up with friends or talk to family, I get the “How is life with two?”DSC_4257Well, I was more than lucky for Aaron to be with me for nearly four weeks. Having that time with him and our newly-bigger family was like heaven to me. I’ll be real and say there were times we weren’t on the same page (that’s what happens when you are with someone literally 24/7 for weeks—then add a newborn and a toddler) but if you’ve ever witnessed one of our disagreements, you’d vouch they’re more comical than scary. 😉 But yes, this is a man who will change any diaper, run any errand, and give Hadley a bath every night so I can have some alone time with the baby…a good man, dad and husband right there!

I was so nervous that Hadley would feel replaced when we brought Sadie into our home…I couldn’t have been more wrong. She dotes on the baby as if it were her baby. She has a high-pitched voice whenever she talks to the baby, which always begins with a gentle, “awwww, beebee!” I fall in love again every time I hear her. She is so attentive to Sadie, that I really don’t even need a baby monitor. The moment Sadie is awake or making noise upstairs, Hadley comes up to me and says, “booboo!” (Booboo is our current little nickname for Sadie, who has mastered the booboo lip whenever she gets sad.) When we put Hadley to bed, I’m typically holding Sadie, and Hadley will ask that I lower her so she can give her a goodnight kiss. Bottom line: no sibling rivalry happening right now! <3 DSC_4262DSC_4465For those of you with more than two, hats off to you! I’m just giving myself grace every day to make mistakes and learn about my daughters and what they need to make our days the best they can be, while still trying to keep myself balanced and happy. Our mornings begin with Aaron taking care of Hadley for breakfast so that I can rest (I went the first three weeks with Sadie sleeping through the night, but she has been doing a 3am and 6am feeding regularly since then.) Once he goes to work, I get Hadley dressed, feed Sadie, put her down for her first morning nap, and then put on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood for Hadley while I put on some makeup. I try to get us girls on a morning walk every day, the sunshine is lovely and the movement makes me feel happy. I’m getting braver with getting them both out, and I have been trying to make sure Hadley has fun things to do at least a few times a week. We love going to the park and then Mother Goose on the Loose every Thursday, where we always get to meet up with friends. Lunchtime, then nap time. I spend Hadley’s nap time getting my cuddles in with Sadie, I love holding her as close as possible and just savoring that new baby smell and her soft, chubby cheeks. Our afternoons are spent on another little walk to the park, which has become a bit of a haven for both Hadley and myself. She gets to run free and show me all the new things she can do, and I get to see my toddler happy as can be, cuddle my baby, and get some fresh air. Dinnertime gets a little crazy–I am on the market for finding delicious slow-cooker meals so that I can try to prevent “witching hours,” hunger pains, restlessness, and me being the slowest/most-perfectionist cooker ever from all colliding at once! 🙂 DSC_3800
DSC_3786DSC_3812The biggest thing that has helped the adjustment from one to two: trying to go with the flow as much as possible. I never gasp or freak out if Hadley gets too close to Sadie. My Sadie gets doused in kisses and cuddles all the time, and I never discourage Hadley from doing so. I will give the occasional, “Gentle, Hadley” reminder, but overall, Sadie is just as much Hadley’s baby as she is mine. She is our baby. It’s easy to see that this girl sure does love her baby sister, and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. Being gifted bows, blankies, teacups, and kisses from her big sister, Sadie is a perfect fit in our family. <3
DSC_3877 DSC_4008DSC_4016

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  • Reply Pam A February 6, 2015 at 3:41 pm

    I loved all the details Christie… I don’t know if you know but Davin and Keeli are 18 months apart- so it is fun to remember once upon a time and the busy-ness of it all!!!! It sounds like you are really enjoying all the fun. Blessings…..keep on sharing- Pam

  • Reply Robin Wiegand July 19, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    Glad I came across this old pot of yours right before baby boy is due! I’m nervous for two under two!

    • Reply Christie August 6, 2017 at 8:24 pm

      You are the sweetest! I’m sure it is amazing!! <3

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