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Sick Days, Rearranging Furniture & A Newly-Tested Recipe

March 13, 2015

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, tank tops are welcome, and I am…sick! You’d think that with teaching for several years, I would have a brag-worthy immune system, but alas…it has failed me. The worst part? I have been sick for over a week now! Thankfully, Aaron was able to work from home for a day (when my sickness was at its worst and was a full-blown fever,) but a nasty lingering cough and cold has stayed by my side, and has even tagged along with little Hadley! We shall persevere though…we’ve got this! A rookie mom mistake: life doesn’t pause when you’re sick and have two small children to nurture and take care of. 🙂 (A happy sidenote: My sister brought these pretty tulips and yummy frozen yogurt to cheer me up, love her!) DSC_5588Since finishing up Hadley’s room (future post to follow,) we have been putting our decorating energy into our downstairs. Our home came with two living rooms, one with the purpose of being a “sitting room” and the other being the “living room.” I was initially not interested in have a total of three regions with sofas, (because we have a bonus room upstairs) but time has gotten the best of me. The front room began as a dining room, but became a true waste of space. In losing our guest room/office upon finishing Hadley’s new room, we have been slowly turning the front room into an office/study. Somehow in the midst of planning, I realized how done I was with the white sofas in our living room. With a dog, a toddler, an infant, and a decent amount of friends that visit regularly, the white sofas are getting far more use than I can keep up with. I’d begin to have a little panic attack every time someone would have a chocolate-chip cookie while sitting on my sofa! “No I don’t want to have to bleach, iron, and reassemble that cushion cover!” Yes, that is something I have either thought or said aloud regarding the white sofas. Instead of going through the trouble of selling them, we simply swapped them with our upstairs living room sofas. They will be used significantly less now. The ones we swapped them with are leather, much larger, and made the living room far darker than I was prepared for…but I am getting used to it! With a new rug, rearranging of our lamps, side-tables, and art, our living room is actually becoming quite inviting! I still need to find some cute throw pillows, but this is a peek at the result so far: (I only took one photo, as the other half of the living room currently has a toddler-kitchen situation happening) 😉 DSC_5726After several days of being too sick and tired to cook, I re-ignited the flame (pun totally intended) and asked Aaron if there was anything he felt like having for dinner. He sent me this recipe (for a slow-cooker chicken tortilla soup) and I gave it a try. Let me tell you, it was so easy, pretty healthy (as long as you don’t go too crazy with the tortilla chip and cheese toppings,) and so delicious! I am a sucker for anything that involves the slow cooker, and anything that I can top with avocados…put them together, and magic! (The only changes I made: I added some cayenne, and used a whole lime instead of just a tablespoon of the juice.) DSC_5744The girls have been such troopers through my less-than-energetic days over the past week. I still try to get Hadley out every day to the nearby park, the library, or even Target (that counts as a field trip, right?) 😉 Aaron has been so helpful and kind, giving me foot rubs and even surprising me with a new water bottle! Yes, water bottles make me happy…he knows me so well. As for the littlest: Sadie has been my little “backpack baby”—this girl gets worn 95% of the time we go out, and she doesn’t seem to mind one bit. She gets snuggles with me, and a nice little nap. I get the bonus of having both of my hands free for Hadley, and knowing Sadie is nice and cloes to me. I can guarantee that within a few minutes of me wrapping her up in my sling or strapping her into the Ergo, she is out like a light. This is what she typically looks like when we are done with an adventure in babywearing: DSC_5668 2Here’s to hoping that by the time I write another post, I will have shaken off this cold. I hope you have a happy Friday, and a great beginning to your weekend!
<3 Christie

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  • Reply LaDonna Aitchison March 13, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Feel better Christie. Your home is lovely. I was wondering how long the white sofa would last. It wouldn’t last 1 hour in my house. Take care.

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