Easter Egg Date & an Easter Wreath

April 3, 2015

When I think of the Easter season approaching, I am pretty sure I will forever think of Hadley. Two years ago, I was due to have her right around Easter. Whenever I see spring decorations out, I always think “Hadley’s birthday is coming!” I never imagined I would have a spring baby, but even more so, I never imagined I’d also have a little December baby! Yes, now when I see Christmas decorations approaching (I will ignore the ones that make their way out at the end of summer) I will think of my baby Sadie’s birthday. DSC_7604Us Reason girls (minus Sadie) have been bogged down with another pesky cold. I don’t know how it is possible that in the past three months I have been sick three times—except for the fact that I have two small children and perhaps my immune system is protesting. Hadley is recovering much faster, which is the most important. With Easter this weekend, I would love for Hadley to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to play with her cousins and enjoy Easter egg hunts. I will try to find time to rest with Aaron being home this weekend. Besides, any excuse to snuggle with Sadie and also take a nap is a win in my book. DSC_7564Today we got together with two of Hadley’s friends and their mamas (who we have been play-dating with since they were six months old) and we had ourselves a mini Easter egg hunt! A nice thing about where I live, is that there are about 5 parks within two miles of our house. We met at the one closest to my house, and I was able to put Sadie in the Ergo and stroll Hadley. The park is tucked back and a little harder to find, which makes it a lot less crowded. We each brought eggs containing things like: stickers, crackers, pretzels, raisins, and my friend’s nieces were kind enough to hide them all around the smaller-sized park. I tried my best to get some pictures of my speedy little egg-hunter while wearing Sadie…I had no idea how quick she would be! We all realized that maybe a great trick to getting our kids to eat their snacks is to put them in eggs and hide them around the house?! I kid, I kid, but really, all of the little ones had so much fun eating their treats out of plastic eggs, I am sure snack time will never be the same! As you can see, my girl sure was a busy one and loved getting to find some eggs. I can’t wait to see how much fun she has looking for her Easter basket on Sunday! Also, I cannot wait to see how adorable my girls look in their Easter dress! 🙂 DSC_7588DSC_7599DSC_7613DSC_7608

Piggybacking on the Easter theme, my mom surprised me with this beautiful Easter egg wreath! DSC_7345A few friends already asked about it, and what it is made of. My mom has a talent and love of gold-leafing. My wedding favors (with it being so close to Christmas) were homemade, gold-leafed gingerbread cookie ornaments. Gingerbread is strong and quickly hardens, yet also smells delicious. You can buy sheets of gold leaf at any store, and they happily adhere to the cookies by using a paintbrush to smooth eggwhite onto it. My mom opted for egg-shaped cookies and gold-leafed them, wrapped various ribbons around them, and hot glued them to cardstock. She used a metal wreath and wrapped ribbon around it, finishing it with hot glue. Then she glued the eggs around the wreath. It’s really a simple craft, but it makes a unique and pretty statement for your door! DSC_7634I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!
<3 Christie

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  • Reply LaDonna Aitchison April 3, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    Fun times! Love the pictures. Cute wreath! She is so talented. Happy Easter to all. Feel better soon.

    • Reply henleyandhadley April 5, 2015 at 8:03 pm

      Thanks for always leaving nice words on my posts! You’re so kind! ❤️ I hope you’ve had a great Easter! Love the pictures!

  • Reply Marielle April 8, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    Your daughters are seriously THE CUTEST!

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