A Quick Getaway

April 28, 2015

My husband was out of town for a majority of last week. The night before he was going to leave, he nonchalantly said, “Oh yeah, and don’t forget I am leaving for San Francisco tomorrow.” My mind went blank. Certainly he had told me months ago about this, but I am pretty sure that my brain capacity is currently disgraceful, so let’s not even go there. Yes, I ended up successfully taking care of both my babies for several days and nights, and we all were happy and alive. I am saddened to say, I began a blog post on what I do with myself when Aaron goes out of town, but I neglected it, and it didn’t auto-save. Boo hoo!

A drive to SF is about an hour and a half to two hour trip. I got the girls and myself all packed up, topped Sadie off, and off we went. We had to stop at about four different gas stations because none of the machines would read my credit cards (I blame my lovely Hobo wallet for slightly de-magnetizing my cards.) By then, I was already a ball of stress. By the time we got to the Bay Bridge, Sadie was in full-blown “I hate being in the car SO much” stage. Tears on tears on tears. So sad, and I was rendered useless as I tried to navigate over the bridge while Hadley started crying “Daadaa, daadaa!” (She missed him and was done with the road trip.) We finally made it to our hotel, and Aaron swapped seats with me so he could take care of parking in the crazy-tiny parking spots in the garage. IMG_4682

Two kids enjoying the room with the view :)

Two kids enjoying the room with the view 🙂

We opted to skip Hadley’s naptime. This is a bold move, but I got there around 1:30, and if we let her nap, we wouldn’t be out of the room until at least 3:30. So, we went for it! We had the double stroller in full force, even though Sadie ended up wanting to be worn (the second seat still makes for great storage!) We got looks like we were from another planet, which was pretty amusing. I didn’t think a couple with two small children is that uncommon in downtown SF, but we embraced it anyways. We ate lunch at a place called Split Bread, I got a chicken parmesan sandwich and Aaron got a BBQ chicken sandwich. Both were delicious, and we each shared ours with Hadley.

Nothing quite like the beautiful flower stands in SF

Beautiful city flower stands

We then went to get San Francisco’s version of our Lollicup at Sharetea. Sadly enough, they didn’t have anything that I’d want (an almond snow with boba, to be exact) since I already had my caffeine for the day, and neither Sadie nor I need to be bouncing off the walls…but I still took a few sips of Aaron’s. We took Hadley to a huge water fountain, where we let her roam free and blow bubbles. It was adorable, and a nice little break from crowds–there was even a man doing some yoga, which was fascinating to Hadley! 😉
IMG_4604 IMG_4609
We did a little Union Square shopping, where I grabbed this awesome face mask from Lush that my sister got me hooked on, we got Hadley a slice of pizza to-go, and we let her terrorize some pigeons for a little bit. Then it was time to head to our room and get the girls ready for bed.

Pigeon chasing at its finest!

Pigeon chasing at its finest!

How? How do you get two persnickety sleepers to fall asleep in a studio hotel room? We couldn’t do the closet hack that we did on our Disneyland trip, so we ended up getting the girls in their jammies, zipped Sadie up in her woombie, put them in the middle of the bed, blacked out the curtains, put on the white noise machine, and each of us cuddled one on the side. Within ten minutes, they were both out. We transplanted Hadley into her crib, where she stayed. The nugget slept in between us, which isn’t a big deal, since neither of us toss and turn.

Two sleeping babies in a hotel room=VICTORY!

Two sleeping babies in a hotel room=VICTORY!

We ordered some Chinese takeout from Elaine’s Kitchen. Of the three we tried (string bean chicken, broccoli beef, chow mien,) the only one I’d highly recommend was the string bean chicken. So yummy! We sat on top of the panoramic desk to eat it, overlooking all of the city lights from the window. It was fun and romantic, especially with two little girls of ours sleeping soundly in the same room.

The next morning, I oogled at the cuteness that was my girls in almost-matching jammies, and I snapped some pictures to remember it. I will be recreating matchy-matchy times much more in the future, it’s way too fun! We packed up, and got ready to head to Aptos, to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and my nephew Henry. It’s usually a 3+ hour drive, but being in the city made it only an hour and a half away, so we went for it. We took separate cars until we got to Los Gatos, because Sadie began to get inconsolable, and I guess she just missed her mama. I hopped in the backseat with the girls while Aaron took over with the driving.
DSC_8637 DSC_8645

Calming down in the car, once mama was by her side :)

Calming down in the car, once mama was by her side 🙂

We had a great time watching Hadley play with Henry. He is 8 months old and sweet as can be. Neither Nicole or myself got good pictures of the kids playing, because we were busy having fun and watching them. Sometimes that happens, and it’s okay. While I love being picture happy, there’s also times to just live in the moment and not worry about taking pictures.

We hung out with them, let the babies nap (yes, Hadley is a toddler, but she will always be my baby,) went on a scenic walk to Seacliff, got Pizza My Heart (delicious!) and then some yummy ice cream before we decided to head out. We really did beat the traffic by leaving at 7pm, versus heading out a little earlier. I was as tired as ever, but we made it home in one piece, and managed to have multiple days worth of memories that really only happened in less than 24 hours, which is pretty amazing.
When we got home, we quickly got the girls into their beds, and I caught up with my sister, Beth, who house-sat for us. It’s amazing how I can go from a frazzled/grouchy mess of a woman to a peaceful and happy person just by talking to her. She’s lovely. And beautiful. The end. 🙂

Traveling with little ones—there’s nothing like it, but I truly wouldn’t have it any other way! (*Unless there was some magical way we could teleport to our destination, just saying!)             🙂

Thanks for reading.
<3 Christie

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    I was just thinking how lovely your blogs would be for the girls. It would be like a yearly diary of their past. You express so much of yourself in being the best mother on all of your adventures. I am sure they would treasure your writings when they are married and have children. Love reading your blogs and seeing the pictures. Stay happy Christie!

    • Reply henleyandhadley April 30, 2015 at 8:11 pm

      You’re my favorite reader, LaDonna! Thank you so much, much love to you!

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