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June 1, 2015

DSC_0817How is it June 1st?! In all fairness, I think this thought at the beginning of every month, but seriously…June 1st!? This month is full of birthdays (six and one baby due, just in my family!) and Father’s day of course! Even with the busy-ness going on, I want to be a little more disciplined with food and exercise this month. I’m not one to talk about health/exercise/fitness unless I am asked, but I am going to try to be good and wear my fitbit everyday this month, and really try to feel a lot less like “I recently had a baby” if you know what I mean. 🙂

My husband is going to be especially busy this month, so we opted to be pretty productive with a splash of fun. We had friends over Friday night for the beginning of a Star Wars marathon. I’ve never understood or gotten the hype behind Star Wars, so I am giving it a second chance. Let’s just say that we had to pause the movie about every five minutes for an explanation. “I can’t believe we’ve made it eight minutes without pausing” was actually stated by one of my friends. Finally, Aaron turned on subtitles, and it all made so much more sense. It really is like listening to another language!

Aaron surprised me with a double Bob stroller for a belated Mother’s Day gift. I was very hesitant to get/want one because they’re so massive! We love our single Bob, but I kept trying to convince myself I would go on my morning jogs before the girls got up. Well, with the occasional 4am feeding for Sadie, I can say the morning always comes too soon, and I am never up for a sunrise jog! I am pretty much still a mom-bie (mom zombie) every morning. It’s certainly wide, but it glides perfectly, and it honestly doesn’t feel that different than when I am pushing the single. The girls love being side-by-side, and not a peep comes out of them in the few times we’ve jogged with them. We ran both mornings, and even though the wind kicked in yesterday, it still felt good to get out and do it.

Please notice what is happening in the!

Please notice what is happening in the background…post-run! 🙂

We decided to get a lot of outdoor stuff done, since that’s what summer is all about—enjoying the outside (or taking refuge inside with the crazy Northern California summer heatwaves!) We bought several pots from Green Acres, and Aaron went a little wild picking out so many flowers for them. I ended up being the one to assort and plant them, and I was pretty happy with how they turned out. He picked out a few too many, so I even planted a few in a pot containing our Japanese Maple.DSC_0784DSC_0823_2DSC_0830

We completed our front porch, which if you saw how it looked a month ago, it was bare. That’s the beauty of all the cute patio furniture coming out in spring, but you have to grab it quick before it is gone! The Adirondack chairs are very comfortable, but the pouf ottomans take it over the top! I’m not 100% in love with the look of the poufs, but there’s something about kicking your feet up on the front porch that seems is so cozy.

Please note the mandatory "do not ring doorbell, baby sleeping" makeshift sign :)

Please note the mandatory “do not ring doorbell, baby sleeping” makeshift sign 🙂

We had a rare treat of two nights of Hadley being taken care of (my sister the first night, my mother in law the second.) Aaron and I brought the nugget along to do some much-needed shopping, and I even treated myself to a new wallet (after nearly seven years with my beloved Hobo wallet, it was time for a change!) We also grabbed Hadley some new water bottles—if you know me, you know my child and I are obsessed with drinking water, and equally obsessed with water bottles. She’s always snagging Aaron’s grown-up version of the water bottle, so it was a small victory that Costco had these in stock.  Spill-proof joy!

Water bottle thief :)

Water bottle thief 🙂

DSC_0772Tonight some friends will be coming over to watch Bachelorette, I’m completely unashamed of my love for the show, and would definitely consider myself a member of #bachelornation, haha! 🙂 I’m definitely not that in love with this season so far, but it’s still something light, silly, and completely ridiculous to enjoy—which by the way, I am still pretty bummed that Chris and Whitney broke up! I know I was personally team Becca, but still, I thought Whitney and Chris could definitely work out. As for this season? I have no real expectations of her marrying anyone she picks, but I did come up with a great nickname for Shawn…”Ryan Schnozling” (because he looks like Ryan Gosling, just with a larger nose situation happening—you know it works!) 🙂

Happy Monday my friends!
<3 Christie

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  • Reply LaDonna Aitchison June 1, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    I was trying to figure out who was having a baby in June! It must be Aaron’s side of the family. For a little while, I thought that boy might be on the way! Guess you want to kill me now. Love your new stroller. Happy JOGGING!

    • Reply henleyandhadley June 1, 2015 at 12:45 pm

      Hahaha are you referring to MY nonexistant boy!?! Oh my gosh, hahaha! Aaron’s sister is having her fourth baby- she has twins (a boy and a girl,) a three year old girl, and she’s due with another girl 🙂

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