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Potty Training Times!

June 26, 2015


So, we have been putting off potty-training Hadley. Part of me wanted to do it before Sadie was born, but then I imagined all the pregnant bending and moving required to cooperate with a toddler on a little potty, and…no thank you! I think we got comfortable with not potty-training her…you don’t have to change diapers as often when they get older, but when you do change them…ugh, they’re bad. The plan has been to wait until we got back from our summer trip to Iowa visiting family, as we imagined the chaos of flying and connecting airports would be a lot with a potty-training toddler. Well, something came over me, and I decided it was just time.

Let me start by saying that I am a “rip off the band-aid” kind of girl. I’d rather get the difficult over with in big amounts rather than spread it out. So, Aaron was gone for the weekend for his 30th birthday guy’s trip, and I figured with it being 150* outside (us basically being confined to the house,) I might as well attempt potty-training her…even though I was going to be all by my lonesome. I can say that during the day, she is 100% potty-trained now. Our nights we will still be working on, as she’s in the habit of going to bed with a water cup, so we are going to slowly get her out of this so that she can eventually make it through the night without an accident.

This is a bit lengthy, but I swear it all worked out very well for us! I hope it does for you, too! And if you’re purely reading this for fun, you’re awesome!
Potty training supplies:
1.) at least one little potty (we have two, this one and this one.) We also have a magnetic potty lid in her upstairs bathroom that will be a more permanent part of the toilet until she is bigger. The musical potty was awesome in that whenever she would go in it, it’d make a song. This took the guesswork out of “Did you really go?” because I’d have a little jingle that would let me know she went.
2.) These flushable wipes– at first I thought it seemed gimmicky, but she is in no way ready to wipe herself, and these can go in the toilet with all of the rest of the potty-training goodness. 🙂
3.) Undies (duh)—oh, and after much debating between calling them “undies” or “panties”—I had to go with undies. It just felt weird saying “panties” so much. For now, I still am rocking a pack of 7, but I definitely want to get another pack of undies so I can tone down on the laundry frequency. 😉
4.) Potty book(s)—I bought this one because she loved pushing the flushing button. We have a few books by Caroline Jayne Church and they’re big hits. This one is simple and set the tone for what was going to be happening.
5.) Jelly beans. Possibly the most important tool for potty training. Why Jelly beans? Mostly, word of mouth from experienced potty-trainers, but also because they don’t melt, and they’re colorful and exciting. IMG_7069

Here’s some facts and tips on what we did to make potty-training successful:
-I went with the 3 day potty training method. I am a part of a Facebook mom’s group, and they shared a PDF on what it was all about. I didn’t 100% follow it, but I can honestly say that this method has worked really well for us.
-Roll up the rugs! We have hard floor downstairs, and rather than being even more stressed, I rolled up all of our rugs so that I could be even more accepting of accidents.
-Go bottomless (if need be!) Hadley didn’t buy into how “cool” and “exciting” undies were…they positively freaked her out! “No no mama, I want dy-purrrrs.” So, long tank tops and going commando were a part of Hadley’s wardrobe for our three-day potty extravaganza! Thankfully, on the third day she opened up to undies, and has been a supporter ever since.
-Keep the phone away. Other than if she was eating or napping, the phone was out of sight (except for the few pictures I took for the sake of memories.) I made those days about her and how she was doing, us spending time together, and me being her cheerleader for her new diaper-free lifestyle.
-Pull-ups. The true 3 day method poo-poos on diapers/Pull-ups, anything other than undies and naked bottoms. I have a 6 month old, and no desire to change bedding if an accident happens. Sooooo, we use Pull-ups only during nap time and bed time. I encourage her to not potty in them, because “they aren’t diapers”—and yes, because she has to step in them, she actually doesn’t associate them with diapers. If she wakes up with a dry Pull-up, I give her a treat. So far, so good! 🙂
-Bring on the salty snacks! Crackers, pop chips…you name it! The more salt, the more water consumed! This is definitely not our typical diet, but just for this momentous weekend.
-Jelly bean drama: leave it to my girl to figure out that she can get a jelly bean for every time she potties! Aka: she started making little teeny potty drops every few minutes. Yes, it still counts. What did I do? Busted out my cutting board, and cut those jelly beans into quarters! I prepped a little dish of them. Two can play at the smartie-pants game!
-Tell a few friends what you’re doing- having some support is nice. Since I was alone, and Aaron had bad cell service, my trusty mama friends texted me; cheering me on and genuinely asking for updates. After 12 straight hours of potty training every day—the longest 12 hour spans of my life—it was nice to see that people cared about me even in my toddler-life bubble.
-Stop mentioning the treats! Out of sight…sometimes out of mind? 4/5 times she goes to the bathroom now, she forgets to ask for a treat. If she still asks for one, I often oblige her, especially with it still being fairly new. But unless you’d love to keep handing your child jelly beans or chocolate chips every time they go to the bathroom, quiet down about the treats. 😉
-During bath and pool times: I am pinching myself that she instinctively doesn’t want to go in the water…she asks to get out! Every time before bath or swimming, we have her go, and when she gets out to go, she gets major praise.
-For #2 times….this is touchy, but she likes her privacy. I pry a bit to see if she feels like she needs to, so I make it easy for her to go on her own. She is an early morning and afternoon number two-er, so I’ve just made sure she is bottomless during those times, and magically she will disappear and come back with exciting news.
-Take that potty everywhere! It’s your ball and chain for the weekend. Whatever room she’s in, the potty comes with. This was only temporarily needed, and thankfully toddler potties are no longer a part of our decor.

That about sums it all up. A huge shout-out to my angel baby Sadie, who is dubbed the “MVP” of our family, totally lived up to her name. Not a peep of fussiness came from her, even though she is in the midst of teething. Way to be selfless so your sister can be diaper free! <3

Thanks for reading, and of course…..Happy Friday! 🙂
<3 Christie

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  • Reply Caitlin Kane June 26, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    You’re awesome! When I first saw that you were potty training on IG, honestly I thought it was crazy because our babes are so little still. BUT, I get to eat my words because Hannah seems to really want to potty train (she keeps asking to use a little one we have set up in Joelle’s bathroom). So next week after a wedding we have this weekend, I will be hopefully joining you in the world of potty trained 2 year olds. You have now inspired me that it can be done! I waited till about 4 months before Joelle’s 3rd birthday to potty train her. 😁 I was/am a potty training chicken.

    • Reply henleyandhadley June 27, 2015 at 12:44 pm

      Potty training chicken- I love it! With her being my first, I have no idea when the right time to start is, but comparing little Sadie on the changing pad to Hadley, it seemed a little silly- plus she always hides when she goes poop, then she tells me when she’s done. Let me know how it goes for little miss Hannah- I will be cheering you on!! <3

  • Reply Ina Library June 26, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    This was so helpful!! Thanks sooo much, Mama!! My son is 14 months and we’re not quite ready yet, but your tips will be my go-to! I laughed when you mentioned jelly beans. BRILLIANT!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Reply henleyandhadley June 27, 2015 at 12:43 pm

      Thank you so much for reading! I am really happy with how things went, I am by no means some potty training expert (totally laughing as I type that) but some methods can be really intimidating and intense, and aside from having to be peppy and excited all day during training, it wasn’t bad at all! Again, I really appreciate your sweet words- let me know how it goes when the time comes! <3

      • Reply Ina Library June 27, 2015 at 2:36 pm

        I agree!! Some people make it sound easy breezy and others make it sound like a nightmare! I will definitely let you know when the time comes!! Enjoy fewer diapers! 🙂

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