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Hello August + Hadley’s New Pet!

August 3, 2015

In all honesty, the first weekends of the month can be pretty rough. Aaron always has drill, which means neither of us get a break; it’s kind of like our weekend gets skipped. We always try to make the best of it by enjoying our Fridays together, so what better way to get it started than by getting Hadley her first pet? I will admit, I am pretty much not into having any more pets than the dog we have, but in my glory days of teaching I always had a fish tank…and my students loved it! It seemed meant to be, since Hadley adores Finding Nemo, and any chance we get to experience the mall, she would gladly spend all of it in front of the Nordstrom’s fish tank. 🙂 IMG_8887We considered getting creative and going for some guppies and neons, but that seemed a bit more high-maintenance than we could handle, so we opted for ol’ reliable…a betta! I ended up talking to the guy at Petco for way too long about betta fish (but I’m a nerd when it comes to learning about animals/people/things) and we got a nice little habitat and meal plan set up. Another shameless motive for the fish tank in her room: it makes for a great night light! She is in heaven with her new little friend, and asks to feed “Marco” (yep, we are going with Marco!) all the time. DSC_3361DSC_3368We’ve been in full-swing redecorating the front room of our house. It began in 2010 as our “dining room,” but 24 year olds don’t really host too many dinner parties, and especially a few years later and two babies later, it ended up becoming a half office, half hot-mess of a toy room. We found a great sectional sleeper sofa (helpful, since we no longer have a guestroom,) a marshmallow-soft fluffy rug, I braved Ikea with my girls to find some cute throw pillows, and it’s coming together wonderfully! I wasn’t very excited about the color of the sofa, but it’s growing on me, and I am all about embracing some functionality, especially in the days of having little ones. There’s definitely some touches of frames, art, and a few other things to add some character, but we are really happy with how it is turning out! An added bonus: I can store all the girls toys in the chaise part of the sectional, so it can still be a toy room, minus the toys everywhere! 🙂 DSC_3477DSC_3489

Helping her daddy build our new bench!

Helping her daddy build our new bench!

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!
<3 ChristieDSC_3294

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