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A Little Beach Trip

August 17, 2015

IMG_9519“You live in California!? Oh, so you live right by the beach!?”- probably something I’ve heard dozens (if not way more) times in my life when I’ve traveled, upon telling people I am a true-blue Californian.

Hardly the case, even though I spent a majority of my 0-17 years being born and semi-raised in the Newport Beach area, as my dad lived down there when we moved up to Sacramento. He would fly me down every month to visit him, and we would go to the beach every single time. Spending the past 10+ years firmly-rooted in the Sacramento valley area has been lovely, but every now and then…I miss the beach terribly! With Aaron having multiple business trips this summer, [too many to count] 100* days, I was in major need of a trip to the beach.

We made a list of things we’d need, hopped frantically from store to store claiming to have a shade canopy in stock (we finally found one!) went to bed way too late prepping, and woke up way too early to get a good head start. Our friends met us at a Starbucks, where we caravanned and headed to Stinson Beach! DSC_4011DSC_4042DSC_4063Why Stinson? We were torn between Dillon’s Beach and Stinson for which one would be our first beach venture. Not a single regret choosing this one; we got there by 10ish, there was plenty of parking, decent restrooms for those toddler potty breaks, and super-soft sand. It was pretty crowded, but nothing takes the joy away of being at the beach! Hadley got to make sandcastles, Sadie got to be as adorable as can be playing with her toys in the shade, and we took turns playing with the girls in the water. Brittany even found a little crab for Hadley to see!

Teeny tiny little crab!

Teeny tiny little crab!

DSC_4095DSC_4171I want to make a bigger effort to get out and do things like this, far more often. We live two hours or less from Tahoe and San Francisco, so we can really make some more day-trip adventure memories for the future. I was happy to spend a weekend not running errands, and instead doing something completely out of our routine. Did things go wrong? Oh heavens yes! I brought three bathing suits for Hadley, but the one that ended up being the best idea…well, I forgot the bottoms! I embraced mismatched Hadley in favor of sunburned Hadley. We forgot a beach blanket, but thankfully our friends had a spare! It’s always a reminder of how easy things were when it was “just the two of us” when we go places with the girls, but the memories–both the happy and the “I’m about to freak out!” ones—make it worth it and even more adventurous with two little ones. DSC_4458DSC_4481DSC_4418Thanks for reading & Happy Monday!
<3 Christie

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    Such cute pictures!!! I’m glad you enjoyed your beach trip!
    💗 Naomi

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