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Hey, September!

September 3, 2015

IMG_9951I can think back to a year ago at this time, remembering that I was craving fall. I wanted it to come so bad, that I wished summer away (granted, I was pretty heftily pregnant at that point!) This time around, I have found a lot of peace about enjoying each season, even if it is 1,000* in the Sacramento Valley every summer! Although getting the girls out and about on our summer days has been a bit more strategic with balancing Sadie’s morning nap and Hadley’s afternoon nap…we make it happen! Even though I am positive it will still be nice and toasty here for at least another month, the things I will miss the most about summer: the sight of Hadley’s cute little buns in her bathing suits, all the bright pops of summer colors, longer days, and the best one of all: once the girls get put to bed, Aaron and I sitting on our porch with a glass of wine, watching the gorgeous summer sunsets together. 🙂

Last Sunday, we went on another random day-trip…this time to Dillon Beach, where it was much windier and chillier than expected. Imagine me wearing Sadie, Hadley a little freaked out by her shoes filled with sand, and us helplessly staring at Aaron as he was building our beach tent in some pretty intense wind! It was quite a sight, but he ended up making us a great little shelter, where I spent the remainder of the time savoring the sounds of the waves, the sight of my little chunky babe in my lap, and Hadley right in front of us making sandcastles. There were a few curve-balls…the wind, it being non-leashed dog-friendly (there’s just something terrifying about a dog you don’t know getting right up to your baby’s face,) but overall, it was amazing getting to take a moment to get out of our comfort zone and see places with our little family. IMG_0093IMG_0103IMG_0097IMG_9990

Can you spot Camp Reason? :)

Can you spot Camp Reason? 🙂

We came home to Hadley not feeling well, and being up literally all night long. The poor thing kept thinking she had to throw up, so neither of us got much sleep. The past few days both girls have had pretty bad colds and have been very much out of their sleep routines…which means the sleep isn’t too bountiful on the parental end either! 😉 We’ve been quite hermity, but I was able to go out with some girlfriends last night for bunco, and today we drove to my mom’s to spend the late morning with her. Hadley loves wandering around my mom’s house, as she lives in the downtown area of Sacramento, which is a big contrast to the suburbs of where we live. We enjoyed homemade pizza, Sesame Street, and watching Hadley make Sadie laugh hysterically. I swear, Sadie can be having the hardest baby day, but that sister of hers makes things so much better!

Lots of rest has been happening for this one!

Lots of rest has been happening for this one!


She has been loving trying more and more foods!

She has been loving trying more and more foods!

Next week, we are heading up to Tahoe for the Dave Matthews Band concert! I am so excited for a night under the stars listening to music with Aaron! We are staying there for a few days, and my little sister is joining us to help out with the girls the night we are at the concert, then hang out with us on the beach the other days we are there. 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
<3 Christie

PS: Shows I’ve been watching: Fear the Walking Dead, and Bachelor in Paradise. I would say that sums me up pretty well though, right!? Too bad I am unashamedly enjoying both to the max! Party at the Reasons every Sunday and Monday!

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