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September 16, 2015

IMG_0993One of the best parts about living where we do, is how we live about an hour and a half from Lake Tahoe, and an hour and a half from San Francisco. It’s always a breath of fresh air to head somewhere totally different from our everyday routine. This time, we went to Lake Tahoe for a few days!

Aaron surprised me with news that he had gotten us tickets to the Dave Matthews Band concert; that it was going to be in Lake Tahoe, we would be staying at one of our favorite hotels, and my little sister was going to be coming with us so that at nighttime we could actually go out and enjoy some fun dates together (she’s the best!) By no means are we die-hard DMB fans (because heaven only knows the dedicated fanbase he has) but I went to one of his concerts about 11 years ago and thought it was pretty amazing. There are some artists that are simply incredible live, and he is certainly one of them.

We promised Hadley she would see bears!

We promised Hadley she would see bears!

DSC_5521I did my signature move of procrastinating packing, but we made it just in time for us to get to our hotel, for me to take a shower, and for us to feed and get the girls to bed. Definitely hectic, definitely don’t need to elaborate on the details. 🙂 We stayed at the Marriott Grand Residences, which was about five minutes walking distance from the Harvey’s Outdoor Arena. I can go on and on about my love for that hotel- we have stayed there four times and it never disappoints: super-clean, a full-sized (and updated) kitchen, the most comfortable beds, dining room, living room, two fireplaces, and then a detached master suite. If you’re ever traveling there and want to feel pampered but still have some homestyle amenities, go for it!

Mandatory concert selfie

Mandatory concert selfie!

The concert itself was great, we got some margaritas and became one with the music. 😉 I kid, but we got to snuggle under the stars listening to some awesome music, and I even got to reconnect with a friend from college who also happened to be there with her husband.

We spent the rest of our trip walking around Heavenly Village, getting some delicious pizza at Base Camp (we got half Thai chicken, half margherita—next time we will just fully commit to Thai chicken—amaaaaaazing) and ended our day with the girls at the Lakefront Beach. It’s a private beach that comes with staying at our hotel, so there were barely any people, which was such a contrast from our past beach trips with the girls. The irony was this being our favorite beach so far, since it was at a lake. It was a bit smokey due to the fires, but Hadley enjoyed making castles, we got to dip our feet in the crystal-clear water, relax, and watch a beautiful sunset.

Bubbles on the balcony, a Reason family tradition!

Bubbles on the balcony, a Reason family tradition!

              IMG_0520 IMG_0986IMG_0987IMG_0988
DSC_5365             IMG_0898 IMG_0806
We were able to get the girls to bed and sneak off on another little date to Azul Latin Kitchen, a restaurant right by our hotel. The food was a fusion of Mexican & Latin American with a twist of local, organic ingredients. I would highly recommend the Lomo Taco, which was probably one of the most delicious tacos I’ve ever had!

Our last morning was spent with some Starbucks, showers, and a drive to North Shore to get lunch at Sunnyside. We love that restaurant for a few reasons: it’s a sister restaurant of Duke’s and Leilani’s in Maui, it’s right on the water, and they have the native Hawaiian dessert of Hula Pie (which is basically a macadamia ice cream cake on an Oreo crust, topped with hot fudge—yeah, heaven!) We promised Hadley we’d make one last stop to “a beach,” so we went to the nearest body of water we could, which happened to have no sand and all rocks. Hadley didn’t discriminate, and still left happy and complete!
           IMG_0991 IMG_0990
The car ride home involved a few meltdowns from every member in the family, but we made it home, and I had a random burst of energy at 9pm in which I decided the girls suitcases had to be unpacked, and their laundry had to be done. Aaron took a step back and let me continue on my crazy journey, but soon enough, our lovely friends that watched our dog for us came by and we got to enjoy our evening on a more relaxing note.

If you asked me a year ago how many little trips I’d do in 2015 as a new family of four, I would not believe you. But let me tell you, there’s definitely some low-lights of setting out on family adventures, but the happy memories (for example, watching all my babes relaxing on the Tahoe beach) make any moments of stress seem so silly. Aka: if there’s somewhere you’ve been wanting to go, just go for it!FullSizeRender

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