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October 5, 2015

And just like that…I’m 30.

Actually, no, I don’t feel that way at all! 🙂 But really, I’ve already been asked quite a few times in my 3 and a half days as a 30-year-old, “What does it feel like?” Maybe most likely I am a rarity here, that in no way did I mind turning 30. Aaron turned 30 a few months before me, and when I asked him how he felt about entering a new number decade, I loved his reply. “30s? They’re prime! Everyone wants to be 30!” (Those 20-year-olds that dread 30 must be pretending, right!? haha!) I decided to go into it with that kind of mindset, because…why not!?

At this stage, any pictures with all of us in it is a victory :)

At this stage, any pictures with all of us in it are a victory 🙂

IMG_1914IMG_1828When I think of all that I experienced in my 20s, it makes me excited to have another decade to begin. A lot of times people complain about “highlight reels” versus real life, but sometimes the real life moments end up turning into a highlight, so I just go with it. 🙂
With that being said, here are some highlights of my 20s:
-A few months before I turned 20, I met Aaron!
-I got my degree, and then I got my teaching credential the following year. (I still have no idea why the only time I ever got a 4.0 was when I was taking 26 units a semester!?)
-I worked at Starbucks and an after-school program. Aaron and I both worked at Starbucks, and agree it was one of the most fun jobs ever.
-I taught 5th grade in the coolest classroom I could ever imagine (my first teaching job was at a brand-new, eco-friendly school where grass was grown on the roof, it was multiple stories, had the prettiest skylights ever, and even “green” paint.)
-I got laid off (which was super sad, but life lessons of being lowest on the totem pole during a budget crisis.)
-I went to Texas for Aaron’s basic training graduation (Little fact: I wrote him a letter everyday in the 8 weeks we couldn’t talk, he still has them) 🙂
-I moved out of my parents and embarked on the married life!
-I got married (in a month I’d never expect to–November–but I absolutely love November now because of it!)
-We bought a house, which was basically a big, new, empty, blind-less box that we have spent soooo much time trying to put character into…a great bonding experience, when bonding can sometimes mean getting on your spouse’s nerves 😉
-We went to Maui…and I never wanted to come home!
-I taught two years of second grade, and an amazing 3/4 year of middle school at the sweetest little school I could imagine.
-I ran two half marathons and definitely found a healthy, happy relationship with exercise and food.
-I got a septoplasty, which was pretty intense, but now I can breathe like a champion!
-I welcomed nieces and nephews, and so many beloved friend’s babies into the world!
-I had two baby girls of my own, with verrrrrry different labor experiences, haha!
-I grew stronger in grieving the loss of my dad, and sadly lost my sweet grandpa last November. Thank goodness I know they’re in Heaven together, most likely playing golf and getting some good laughs.
-I got to be in four weddings, and have two more to look forward to (one this weekend for my cousin, and I am the matron-of-honor in a dear friend’s February wedding!)
-We went on a trip, pre-Sadie…just baby Hadley to Seattle, and I have been in love with Seattle ever since.
-Almost every summer I have gone to Iowa for the 4th of July- Hadley has also been every summer of her life, so far! 🙂 My family there is one-of-a-kind.
-I went from an intense bleach blonde (I actually never liked it, but just didn’t have an ideal hair stylist at the time) to a “natural” blonde, thanks to my forever-hair-woman/one of my favorite friends ever, Cassie! <3
-I have made some amazing friends; some of which I see at least once a week, and some in which when I see them it is as if no time has gone by at all.
-We’ve hosted a good amount of BBQs/get-togethers…my philosophy: houses are for having fun in and sharing, I want mine to have a lot of happy memories! 🙂
-I almost forgot we got Penny…I promise she’s not neglected, she just blends into our family that well.
-Hands-down, best part of my 20s? Having Aaron experience it all with me! It is more than an understatement that we have grown up together! 🙂

On the night of my 30th :)

On the night of my 30th 🙂

So yes—the 20s were full of so a lot of growth, a few drastic changes, and some dear memories. I am excited to enjoy this new decade with the family I have made. When I went downstairs on the morning of my birthday, I looked in a kitchen with a few wrapped gifts on the table, and to the left my two babies in high chairs next to each other, with Aaron beside them. “The presents to the left are the only ones I will ever need.” And that is the truth.

Watch out, 30, I am ready for ya! 🙂

A birthday treat: watching this one have the time of her life getting to ride a pony :)

A birthday treat: watching this one have the time of her life getting to ride a pony 🙂

PS: Thank you again to the friends and family who showed me love from near and far on my birthday. I’m definitely not one of those “It’s my birthday…stop the world!” kind of people, but it is always touching to be thought of and get to think about the wonderful people I am blessed to have in my life.

A way to end a blog post on the happiest note :)

A way to end a blog post on the happiest note 🙂

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    Many (Belated) Happy Returns of the Day! And what a lovely post! Now I can’t wait to turn the big 3, a mere ten months away! Hope to keep this kind of optimism then!

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