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October 7, 2015

DSC_6816For the big 3-0 (I swear this is the last time I am mentioning I am 30, haha!) my husband surprised me with a few [very unexpected] treats…one being a new mirror for our entryway. While I love our home, there are definitely a few areas that do not get enough natural light. I am so picky when it comes to light—I am the first to light a lamp if it even begins to get too dark in a room. I thrive in bright, but happily-lit places. The mirror he picked out—which was 100% a surprise, I’ve never pointed out mirrors I’ve liked or wanted—is so reflective and truly amplifies any light already in the room…aka: the mirror of my dreams! An added bonus: it’s a flattering mirror…you know what I am talking about! 😉 DSC_6842I’ve contemplated fall decor, and while I wanted to go “all in” I also didn’t want it to be cheesy. I love transitional pieces that can work from October through Thanksgiving. We bought the garland when we first got married, and while I’ve tried every year to find a good spot in our home for it, I think this is it! I’m sure a majority of the little berries have been picked off from exploratory baby Hadley, but I am still a big fan! The only thing missing from my newest entryway decor: a seasonal pumpkin picture of Sadie. This was taken of Hadley last October. DSC_6821I must admit, having real pumpkins around the rest of the house has been more than entertaining. If Hadley isn’t rearranging them every which way, she is requesting to take them with her on our errands…as if it is a beloved stuffed animal! I’ve managed to get her to be mindful of the ceramic and glass fall decorations, explaining to her “Those are mama’s, and if you drop them they will hurt and make ouchies!” So far, so good! 🙂 I am sure it’ll be another story next year, when I have a much more adventurous toddler-baby Sadie as well as a three-year old Hadley. 🙂 DSC_6818DSC_6830

"Bebe pumpkin!" -Hadley

“Bebe pumpkin!” -Hadley

Well, I’ve got some homemade chicken noodle soup in the crock pot (poor Hadley has a little cold,) some bread in the machine, and I am off to go get some pajamas for Sadie. My little 9 month old is already rockin’ the 12 month sizes!

Happy Wednesday!
<3 Christie

Mirror & Throw Blanket: Pottery Barn
Table: Threshold by Target
Garland: World Market
Frame, Owl, Pumpkins, & Copper Basket: Home Goods

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