Halloween Fun!

November 1, 2015

Some cute fall treats my sweet aunt from Iowa sent the girls!

It’s cloudy, rainy, and cool outside…did Christmas come early for me!? 🙂 Aaron joked with me this morning, saying, “Is it time to put up the Christmas decorations?”—Fear not, we love the month of November, and believe in giving every holiday its time to shine. November marks our 6th wedding anniversary, officially-cooler weather, and my favorite holiday of all…Thanksgiving! As cliche as it sounds, every holiday seems a little more fun with an additional family member in the mix this year. But first: a Halloween recap!

I debated over and over about what costume Hadley should dress up in, to the point where I think I might’ve annoyed myself. I thought way too hard about having Sadie and Hadley be matchy-matchy this year (WHY do I do this to myself!? They’re cute no matter what!) but ultimately, my girl wanted to be a ladybug. The options of a penguin or Minnie Mouse were also there, but I love that she got to dress up as something she picked out herself. And oh, she made the cutest little ladybug! A girl after my own heart, she couldn’t handle the headband part for long, so we moved on and pretended her pigtails could suffice as little antennae. Sadie did not disappoint in keeping the tradition of the inaugural first-costume being the chubby baby mouse.

I can't resist a fun comparison picture! Hadley at 6.5 months, Sadie 10 months

I can’t resist a fun comparison picture! Hadley at 6.5 months, Sadie 10 months

We kept pretty low-key yesterday, getting a lot of housework done (so boring, but so necessary) and leaving the anticipation of trick-or-treating in full effect. We had a very laid-back pizza party with our parents here, as well as the girls’ equivalent to their Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky (shoutout to Full House) being here to hand out candy while we took turns ogling Hadley’s trick-or-treating cuteness. It was so sweet watching our parents walk around with us and enjoy seeing Hadley go door-to-door. There was a brief concern of the littlest nugget being a little too crazy, as she was pretty squeaky during dinner time, but once she was in the Ergo snuggling me, she was quiet as a mouse (pun intended.) 🙂

Mystified by the neighbor's driveway screening of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown :)

Mystified by the neighbor’s driveway screening of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown 🙂

A little part of Hadley's trick-or-treating team!

A little part of Hadley’s trick-or-treating team!

Once the magic of bedtime happened, I sifted through Hadley’s candy to make sure it was “safe” (aka: I was nice enough to make sure all of her Butterfingers were gone, I took those off her hands.) 😉 While our neighborhood is awesomely family-friendly and thus we had 127 trick-or-treaters (for fun, I like to keep count,) we have way too much candy left behind! My sister and another close friend came over; we all binged on Halloween candy, then we decided to be brave and watch Halloween. I am not a woman who enjoys anything scary, with The Walking Dead being my only exception, so I was the pesky one constantly asking questions or giggling (no shame.) All of us started to get a bit sleepy, so we called it quits…until next time, Halloween!


This week I will be preparing to help host a baby shower for a beloved friend…it’s going to be at my house! I truly love baby showers, and I am so excited to take part in spoiling a cute second-time mama-to-be. Oh, and don’t you dare remind me of the upcoming first birthday of Sadie…I’ve decided she is Benjamin Button, and from this point on will only get younger…but really, I am excited to celebrate my little December baby soon enough! 🙂

Happy November!
<3 Christie

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