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Big Girl Bed & Being “M.I.A.”

February 5, 2016

I’d like to give a slow clap to January being over. February already has such a happier vibe about it! Is this really me typing something so negative? Eh, it happens! Shortly after Christmas, on a chilly winter’s (middle of the) night- Aaron and I woke up to the sound of poor Hadley crying. Turns out both our girls ended up spending the entire night so sick—it was one of those moments you never hope happens in your rite of passage as a parent…but oh, it does…you’re holding two small people over the toilet at the same time. Throw up on throw up…awful. Two nights later, Aaron and I spent the entire night up being sick ourselves—the norovirus is no joke, and I wouldn’t wish it on even my worst enemy. Instead of our usual “friends over for NYE” shindig, we watched It’s a Wonderful Life in bed, and we were out by 9:30 (no regrets though, that is my favorite movie in the world!) The following two weeks were spent keeping the girls away from their little friends (seems like a lot, but I’d never want to be responsible for getting a little one sick,) which, combined with the beginning of El Nino, meant cabin fever was a real thing over here!



On to happier things:
The Bachelor is back on, which means Monday nights are something we look forward to again! It is my shameless pleasure, and Aaron has just as much fun watching it with me—even if he chooses to deny it to the public. 😉 I am being good and not reading any spoilers this time around, but I think it seems pretty obvious who Ben is all about (cough cough, the cute flight attendant Lauren B.!) We shall see!

I am the MOH for my dear friend Brittany, who is getting married this month. We had a fun weekend of a bridal shower along with going wine tasting the following day for her bachelorette party. We spent the day cruising in a limo making a few stops, one of them specializing in champagne, and then having lunch at The Dancing Fox; one of the cutest and yummiest places I have ever seen…if only Lodi was closer, that would be a place I’d want to go to much more often! My neighbor, Bree is pretty much one of the most creative people I know, and made these adorable tumblers for all the ladies in the bridal party. I’m not joking when I say, if you need something made, she can do it, and do an amazing job (I literally sent her a picture on Pinterest for inspiration, and she made it about 10 times cuter!) I had fun making little goodie bags for our limo ride together…I am a sucker for fun party favors! 🙂IMG_5404



RAINBOW BED! My cousins from the Midwest are coming to visit in a few weeks, and since we got rid of our guestroom when we decided to have Sadie, we got inspired to get a “big girl bed” for Hadley so that one of my cousins can sleep in that (in the time being the girls will just share rooms for a few days in the nursery.) It was due time for our Hadley to get a bed upgrade anyways. I don’t know what it is about the color white and why I am so drawn to it, but we ended up getting this pretty bed frame, this cozy white quilt (Hadley’s a “hot” sleeper, so this was a better choice than a comforter,) and these adorable rainbow sheets! She has probably thanked us at least 100 times already, “mama, daddy, thank you fo’ my wainbow bed!” Our nighttime routine includes snuggling her before bed, which is now more than delightful since we no longer have to curl in a ball on her toddler crib mattress (haha!) Eventually, we will move Sadie into Hadley’s room, as that was always the plan when we bought our home, since it has bigger but fewer bedrooms. The thought of them sharing a bedroom gives me all kinds of happy feelings! 🙂


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Friday!

<3 Christie


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