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A Napa Afternoon & 27 Weeks

May 24, 2016

By last Friday, Aaron had worked 12 days straight, five of them spent in Kansas City. (I know that this is nothing compared to families with deployed spouses, but any time away from your other half is hard, especially when you have two little ones and have suddenly emerged into the almost mega-pregnant stage of life.) The highlights of his absence: my awesome friend Cassie came and put some fresh highlights in my hair/wonderful lady-chats happened, I finally watched the live action Cinderella movie and LOVED it, Hadley got a fat lip at the playground (that’s actually a lowlight 😥 ,) the girls got to have some fun playdates, my mama came over and brought us our favorite bagels and kept us all company, and I completely fell in love with having fresh peonies in my house.

The best $7 that I will keep spending every week...until peony season is over!

The best $7 that I will keep spending every week…until peony season is over!

Aaron tried to trick me, saying his flight wasn’t going to be in until 4pm, so on the last day I went a little crazy and did the Krispy Kreme Donuts drive through with me and the little ladies in our jammies; we came home, enjoyed them, and relaxed downstairs. Talk about a wild Friday morning, right!? 😀 Much to my surprise, I saw a car pull up in my driveway—turns out he and his team were all ready to get home a little early, so they successfully did a super-early standby ticket to get home much earlier. I’m pretty sure I cried tears of joy, and I don’t regret it at all. The hardest part when he is away is that I truly just miss having his presence (duh!)–not even for the sake of having someone to parent with the girls (that is still appreciated!) but we seem to have the most fun just playfully making fun of each other and laughing about whatever random thing one of our girls does. When he’s away, it definitely makes me realize I married the perfect person for me. End of sappy rant.

We spent Friday and Saturday doing typical-Reason things: going for walks, eating yummy food (we are Chipotle loyalists,) getting some groceries, and taking naps. My sister even surprised us by offering to babysit the girls Saturday night so we could go out for a quick bite and see a movie. Our friends wanted to do something fun together for Sunday, but we kept getting wishy-washy since we didn’t want to drive too far somewhere coastal, since it was supposed to be pretty cold for the weekend. Sandy, cold, wet & tired children on a long drive home? No thank you please! 🙂 So, we ended up going to Napa Valley!

Two small children and a pregnant lady make for an interesting part of an ensemble to go to Napa, eh? Well, aside from the bountiful vineyards, Napa is known for its incredible FOOD, something all ages can appreciate. Gott’s Roadside has always been one of our favorites, so we thought, “Why not make a little trip out of getting delicious burgers and milkshakes?!” Hadley’s second-biggest request (other than a milkshake) was getting to “throw rocks in water.” We made a little caravan up to Napa, enjoyed a delicious lunch…I had the seared sushi-grade ahi burger (yes, some people are weird about eating seared fish when pregnant, no, I am not one of them—all in moderation!) and it was what my dreams were made of. We got Madagascar vanilla & mint confetti milkshakes to share with the girls, and they were a huge fan.

Seared ahi burger with wasabi-soy slaw on a fresh baked bun...perfection!

Seared ahi burger with wasabi-soy slaw on a fresh baked bun…perfection!


We walked around Oxbow Market, got some Kara’s cupcakes to save for dessert later in the evening (I think those are the best cupcakes I’ve ever had,) and then took a walk to Main Street Napa. We got to get plenty close to the water so Hadley could throw a few rocks in, and were even surprised that a youth symphony was playing near the water! Hadley totally reminded me of when I was a child, because she started dancing and twirling in front of everyone to the music—not a care in the world. <3 IMG_8720

I am now 27 weeks pregnant—I joked on my Facebook that I had told Hadley her newest baby sister was the size of a peach (except I was being serious) only to get an email later that day that she’s the size of a butternut squash. Yep, I am pretty much in denial that I actually have quite a substantial stomach; I think old shirts fit and then I am greatly disappointed when they’re not quite appropriate enough. I think I’ve gained about 14 pounds (no shame,) I have been craving cocoa crispies cereal but I try to justify it by buying the organic kind and having it with almond milk. My other biggest craving that I try not to indulge in too often—Cheesecake Factory’s spicy honey chicken chipotle pasta—oh my…a must try! My allergies and sinuses have been pretty intense this pregnancy—but this is the only one where I have been pregnant the entire duration of allergy season. (I’ve never had allergies in my life, so odd!) The guy at the checkout of Trader Joe’s joked with me about my “blessed event” being “poorly planned” (implying how crazy-hot it gets here, and that I will be pregnant most of it) to which I tried to pull out my “glass half full” mentality by replying, “Well, I mostly snuggle and relax with my new babies the first 6 weeks anyways, so it’ll just be cooling down by the time we are ready to be outside more often.” 😉

27 weeks pregnant

27 weeks pregnant

Hope your week is off to a great start!
<3 Christie

PS: Bachelorette thoughts: I think I was the only person in our viewing-group that was not a fan of Jordan (the one who just seems too good to be true, even though I am not impressed.) The weirdo in me was hoping the surprise person was Chris Soules (don’t forget that I met him and thought he was delightful,) but it ended up being an even weirder and more random surprise guest. Santa made me really happy (jo jo jo jo jo!,) I thought the “short” marine seemed nice (despite trying to show off with pushups,) there are two guys that literally look identical to me, she looked SO beautiful, and I would’ve gone loco on any person that chose to drank that much the first night they met me. Overall, I feel “meh” about her choices, but I will still be along for the journey! 😆

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