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Friday Faves: Summertime Essentials

June 24, 2016

When I first found out I was having another baby, I was a mixture of speechless/surprised/happy/scared. The first thing I did was tell Aaron (sadly, I have never been patient enough to find a cutesy way to tell him,) and the second thing I did was figure out when this baby would be due. I then quickly calculated the date, and I realized….end…of…August. Aka: THE hottest time of the year. Sure, I was pregnant with Sadie (my December baby) throughout summer, but I wasn’t at the peak of “large and in charge” when it was triple digits, all day, every day.

I’ve gone into this summer with an “eye of the tiger” kind of attitude, and I haven’t looked back. Triple digits? Schmiple schmigits! Here’s a little list of summertime goodies that have made my life a little easier, whether it’s treats for me, or things for the girls.

Let’s start with the toddlers:

1.) Old Navy Swimwear (or Old Navy toddler anything!)
Old Navy has made my summertime dreams come true with their line of clothing for toddler girls. It’s soft, it’s adorable, and it’s affordable. They are almost always having some kind of a sale; I got these suits about two weeks ago and walked out spending less than $25.

IMG_89392.) This kiddie pool
I will admit, this is our second purchase of this exact pool. We bought it two years ago, and it was time to replace it. The Amazon reviews are not amazing (due to people saying it deflates,) but the thing that makes this pool worth it: the inflatable bottom. I will pay $13 a year (or every two years) for a pool that helps protect my baby’s buns. Until I have highly-skilled maneuvering children, I am going to be terrified of them slipping on a hard-surfaced pool bottom. And since I am married to a man that adores keeping his lawn pristine, putting it on the grass for some extra cushion is a no-no here. It’s great for the wobbly-toddler age, and is easy for Sadie to walk in and out of.

IMG_90573.) iPlay Swim Diaper
While we have a pack of disposable swim diapers on hand, I quickly learned how wasteful it was to have Sadie wear these when we are outside for just a little bit of water play. These come in the cutest prints, are easy to wash, and can be a huge money-saver if you will be frequenting the pool or splash pad regularly. 🙂

IMG_99594.) Attitude Little Ones Detangler
Whether fresh from a bath, or fresh from playing in the pool, Hadley has officially reached the point of tangles being a real struggle. I found this at Target (if you can get it there, do it, it’s much cheaper than on Amazon,) complete with great reviews. It makes a light mist, smells amazing, and really does make her hair so much easier to brush through!

IMG_99585.) The Wet Brush
This is maybe the most obvious on the list, but if you have not yet gotten one of these and have a child with a lot of hair, this is a must! I also carry a mini one in my diaper bag just because it really is the most comfortable brush for the girls.

IMG_99606.) Little Tikes Water Table
I originally got Hadley a water table from Costco with an area for both sand and water. I quickly learned that the simpler, the better, so I sold it and went for this one. (Tip: I used a 20% off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond and got it at Buy Buy Baby.) It is tiny, but fun. A few days ago, I even took the legs off of it, and Sadie has been enjoying getting in and out of it. Hey, whatever keeps them happy, I am good with it! 🙂

And now, just a few things I’ve been enjoying so far…

IMG_98181.) Aladdin Mason jar tumbler
At first I made fun of these, “isn’t the purpose of a mason jar for it to be glass?” but I will wholeheartedly admit these are my most-favorite cups to drink out of at home. They’re huge, insulated, and easy to hold. I fill it with my favorite drink in the world (homemade green tea lemonade) pretty much every day. It keeps me young, it keeps me hydrated, it keeps me cool. (*Note: This is not an on-the-go cup, that’s what Hydroflasks are for!) 🙂

IMG_99572.) Some New Sunglasses
I have been pretty loyal to my Michael Kors aviators for over three years now, but these new Tory Burch ones are definitely becoming a favorite! They’re oversized but incredibly light, and have the most soothing lens color (if they weren’t so feminine, I’m convinced Aaron would steal them- even he couldn’t believe how nice they are to look through!) They come in grey or tortoise—I went for tortoise. Regardless of the brand, treating yourself to some nice glasses (especially if you’ll be out in the sun a lot) is definitely something I support!

IMG_99563.) My Favorite Flip Flops
I used to be die-hard loyal to Rainbow flip flops, but to be honest, I felt like they made my feet feel dirty!? If you know me at all, dirty feet are probably one of my least favorite things in the world (I will wash my feet before bed every night,) so on a trip a few years back to Newport Beach, I grabbed a pair of rubber Havianas to give a try. They seem a little overpriced (but you can sometimes find them cheaper on Amazon) but I swear, they are like walking on little fluffs, and are super easy to clean. So far I’ve had three pairs, and each one has averaged lasting three years with a lot of use! They now come in rose gold; something I will be bringing into my life very soon (tip: go for the “slim” strap style!) 😉

IMG_99614.) Bebe au Lait Wet & Dry Bag
I got to show some love for this bag in my most recent Disneyland post, but I figured it still needed another shout out, because I’ve used it that much. Whether you have kids or don’t, I guarantee if you take trips, you need a bag that you can guarantee will not let any exploding bottles be a “thing.” It came in handy for perfectly containing mine and the girls’ toiletries when heading up to Tahoe, where almost always, a lotion or shampoo explodes. It’s the perfect sized bag to throw wet swimsuits in on your way back from swimming! I could go on and on, but basically, whether you need a travel bag to safely hold toiletries (but in super-cute prints,) or to hold the endless amounts of wet things your baby and toddler can give you…do it!

Happy Friday, I hope you enjoy your first official weekend of summer!
<3 Christie

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  • Reply Kim June 24, 2016 at 10:02 am

    I’m going to pick up some of that detangler for myself! The curly hair struggle is REAL when it comes to having tangles! I also LOVE my Alladin mason jar tumbler, I feel like my water tastes better (??) when I drink from it. And you’re right about it not being one for travel, that’s when I bring my hydro flask on deck to use! I have that wet/dry bag on my Amazon ‘wish list’ it will soon be a part of my life (&travels!). Now you have me wanting to try some of those flip flops on, I am ALL IN when it comes to comfort on my feet! Love the ‘favorites’ post!

    • Reply christiereason July 25, 2016 at 2:26 pm

      I love that you have such similar taste to me- that’s so fun! Sorry for the ridiculous delay in writing back to you—Aaron changed my blog format (in a good way) and I am still getting used to navigating to the replies and such, but I love your feedback and love that you are so sweet and supportive <3

  • Reply Laur Kurz July 13, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    Great post! I need to try the detangler for my 4 year old! It’s been a real challenge lately brushing her hair!

    • Reply christiereason July 25, 2016 at 2:25 pm

      Thanks for reading! I honestly have been using it over a month and even my husband notices a difference when he helps me brush the girls hair after a bath! I even take it to the pool/splash pad with the wet brush! 🙂

  • Reply Anne-Hunter Roane August 12, 2016 at 10:04 am

    I have rainbows and haviannas and got my haviannas this year and I haven’t worn my rainbows once 🙃 haviannas are so comfortable, great pool flip flops and come in so many cute colors!

    • Reply christiereason August 17, 2016 at 1:13 pm

      I feel the EXACT same way about Havianas! They’re so ridiculously comfortable (and the added benefit of waterproof) that I really haven’t gone to my rainbows like I used! 🙂

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