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Our Little Preschooler!

August 12, 2016

Today was a special day—our sweet Hadley had her first day of preschool! If you asked me in January, when the process of picking out a school and even deciding whether or not she should go was just blossoming, I was so wishy-washy. “Is she too young?” “Is it worth the money?” “What if she hates it?” Sadly, my motherly instincts were a little off kilter, possibly due to being extremely sick and in the trenches of my first trimester with the current baby I am growing. I was a negative Nancy. Thankfully, Aaron was a beacon of optimism in seeing no harm in giving this entire experience a chance. Hadley was a no-brainer, as she loved it since the first day we visited, and has even at times included it in her bedtime prayers, “I so thankful fo’ my school I get to go to.” I think the hardest thing for me, is that I was (and always will be) a teacher, and entrusting your little one with someone else is pretty tough stuff, especially if you’ve been on the other side of the curtain!

She’s had an entire winter, spring, and majority of summer to grow. Not to get overly sappy, but I sometimes cannot believe how sensitive to others she is, how kind, well-spoken, sharp, and bright my girl is. In seeing all those things, I don’t think that letting her have something that is her own (such as going to preschool) is “losing her,” but instead giving her something new to flourish with.

To get her excited, we let her pick out some new clothes and shoes for school. Both of my girls are completely smitten with wearing dresses, so we had a day where we went to Old Navy and went on a sundress shopping spree!Β She wanted her and Sadie to have a few matching ones, but then found a lavender tulle dress that she said, “Mama can I pwease wear dis? I yuv dis so much!” (Before I get an eyeroll, I will point out, some were on sale for a whopping $5!) πŸ˜‰ I love to find a great deal on clothes, because stains happen, and I don’t like to stress out about a shirt or dress getting a stain and being ruined. Let them be little…even if that means some clothes suffer the process!

I will say, though, that if there were ever one area I do not scrimp on, it would be shoes. Maybe it’s because my mom used to be a buyer for Nordstrom’s children’s shoes department- but I have grown up valuing having quality shoes over quantity. I found the brand See Kai Run last spring at Nordstrom, when I was looking for Sadie’s first pair of shoes, and have loved how easy to put on (for me) and comfortable they’ve been (for her.) I looked at their fall line, and decided to let Hadley pick out a new pair for herself, while I went with my favorite style for wobbly toddler baby girls, and got Sadie some beautiful, golden Mary Janes. Hadley chose denim-dotted sneakers that are absolutely adorable, and she has the easiest time putting them one (a plus for getting ready in the morning!) πŸ™‚

New dresses!

New dresses!

...and cute new shoes!

…and cute new shoes!

Sure enough, the morning of her big day, she came into our room (she always wakes us up,) with her lavender dress in her hand (she even remembered to grab some little biker shorts to wear under them,) and said she was ready for school. I kept my promise and made her blueberry muffins the night before, which made it an easy-breezy morning breakfast. We went downstairs, she put her new shoes on, and we took a few pictures to remember this day.

IMG_1859A few people have asked me, “And how are you doing with all of this?” to which I am genuinely happy and excited for her. No tears, no sadness, just good thoughts! I can’t allow my mama-heart to be sad over new milestones, or feel like my little girl is growing “too fast.” I think it being a nice, short amount of time (two days a week for about two and a half hours,) and near our home makes it an even easier transition. I look at it as me getting to spend time with Sadie (and our soon-to-be new baby,) while Hadley’s beautiful brain gets some new interaction with friends and teachers…and it doesn’t hurt that her preschool even has chickens and goats!
IMG_1861It was a blast getting to pick her up from school, being told by her teacher how sweet and independent she was, then watching her climb into our car and for the first thing to come out (other than the big hug and “Hi Mommy!”) was “Oh Sadie, I missed you so much!”

She came home with a new bookbag she got to help decorate! I love her answers :)

She came home with a new bookbag she got to help decorate! I love her answers πŸ™‚

I feel completely blessed and thankful to get to help these precious little girls grow to be wonderful people!

Thanks for reading,
<3 Christie




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