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A Day in the Life

November 1, 2017

Sometimes I get asked about my daily schedule with the girls. Other times I get asked what do I *do* all day? (The answer to the latter is typically a joyful yet sarcastic, “I eat bon bons and stay in my jammies all day!” haha.) I got asked by my lovely friend I’ve met through blogging, Brooke, to share (along with a few other lovely bloggers I’ve linked at the bottom,) “A Day in the Life.” So here I am, ready to share (in the form of my words and iPhone photos) what a typical day includes for me, a stay at home mom to three daughters ages 4, 2.5, and 1.

{Disclaimer: in no way do I feel like I currently have it together. While I had a good groove with one baby, and then even two, I am still a work in progress with three. This is an honest, raw, imperfect look at my schedule, being a night owl and all. 😉 }

Usually between 6:45am-7am, we hear the girls playing in their room. From this point on, we are in a stubborn state of half-sleep (but just determined to lay down as much as possible, haha,) as they have a stoplight alarm clock that turns green for them at 7:30am, meaning they can come in our room. Perhaps this seems late to others, but we have our whole lives to wake up early, so we are taking full advantage of our kids not having to be somewhere super-early. 😆

Morning snuggles in mommy and daddy’s bed

I will typically grab the baby (even though at this stage she happily sleeps until 8am or 8:15am,) and I do a brief morning feed with her. Yep, still nursing. Usually by this point in the game, I was expecting another baby, had lost my supply (so they were weaned,) but since she so briefly feeds, I’m not expecting another baby, and it’s a way for my little trooper of a third baby (that effortlessly goes with the flow) to get some extra cuddles with mama, I embrace it.

No later than 8am, we are downstairs for breakfast. I love to have healthy homemade breads along with some bananas and yogurt for the girls to eat (no yogurt for Reese though, because I am not about that intense messy life, ha!) It’s easy, quick, and pretty balanced. While I’m all about easy, being healthy is pretty much a non-negotiable. There’s many days Hadley makes every excuse in the world to not eat her banana and instead ask for more bread or cereal, but somehow she always eats it and then tells me how good it was.

Oh iced coffee, you give me life!

I am not exaggerating when I say that my children take forever to eat. I feel like that is where I get lost in the time vortex. It’s hard, because they’re small and I don’t want to rush them too much, so I just try to be productive in their lengthy eating time. Typically while they eat, I make a cup of coffee (I used to do oatmeal or an egg with it, but these days I don’t have much of a morning appetite,) empty the dishwasher, and clean the kitchen (I don’t know how, but it always has something needing to be cleaned. Oh wait, there’s three tornado babies that occupy it a majority of the day! 😆 )

Little rascal of a “helper”

My favorite thing to see before we go upstairs = a clean kitchen

By 8:45/9am, everyone has eaten, the kitchen and downstairs are clean, and we are ready to go upstairs to get ready. I usually have a Reese diaper to change, get her dressed for the day, and then continue on with each daughter. I habitually check the weather before I pick their outfit, it’s something I like to make sure they aren’t too hot…aren’t too cold. Even if Aaron is trying to get them dressed I quickly say, “Check the weather!” haha. After the hair is styled (this can be quite the production at times, haha,) the girls play together in the playroom (I have it all gated off so there is no stair access,) while I make all the beds and get ready. Someday I will be the mom that has worked out, is all done up and ready before my kids wake up, but these are not those days. I think with Reese finally sleeping through the night the past month, I am in recovery mode from getting such horrible sleep for over a year (think getting woken up a minimum of three times a night, oh boy!)

Another day another hairstyle 🙂

I put Reese down for her morning nap by 10am, where I get to have some one-on-one time with my bigger girls. In this time, it varies what we do. Age-appropriate worksheets, coloring pages, an episode of Curious George and/or Daniel Tiger, art projects, and always lots of reading takes place. I swear my girls would let me read books to them all day if I went for it. Sometimes they go outside and play in the backyard while I check some emails or tend to something I need to get done.

How she looks when she’s ready for nap/bedtime, always! 🙂

I try to have Reese’s nap go about an hour, so that she is refreshed and ready for us to go out and do something. I wake her up, we go downstairs, I pack up a lunch or a plethora of snacks, and we head out. While there are necessary days to just stay home and catch up on life or relax, we typically get out to do something daily. 11am-1:30pm is our active “out” time. Whether it’s a park playdate, going to the library, the mall, a Costco, Target or Trader Joe’s run, we do well going out and about to mix up our surroundings.

Lunchtime cutie

A common Trader Joe’s haul…I swear there’s kale and veggies underneath, ha!

…and sometimes we make occasional Target runs…

By 1:45pm, we are home and/or fed,  and we are heading upstairs for a 2pm nap. I do my second feeding with Reese and put her to bed while the girls use the bathroom and wash their hands. I told you, it only takes about 5 minutes to feed her and get some cuddles in, ha! The big girls are ready for a story, and then I take them into their room for naptime. Sadie has been a bit difficult to fall asleep these days, so if I lay with her in her bed, she is out within 5 minutes.

There are days I can look at Hadley and gauge whether she needs a nap or not. More than not, she still does, and she will nap. Other days, she will stay with me, play with toys quietly, help me with chores, get 20 minutes on my iPad (this is brand new to her, I’ve never let any of my kids use my electronics, but I found a great reading app called “Teach My Monster To Read” and let her feel special by sitting and watching her play it.)

{Sidenote: maybe the question of: “What have you eaten in this time?” has popped into your head. Lately, I am a bit undisciplined with making sure I have actual meals for breakfast and lunch. It’s not that I don’t love food, I do, it’s just a matter of taking the time to make myself something nourishing, as if I just fill up on something unintentional, I am hungrier and grumpier anyways—odd, I know. Sometimes, I am an oatmeal for breakfast and an avocado toast for lunch kind of girl…other times, I grab a spoonful of peanut butter and call it good. This whole post is making me realize I am really lacking in the “mom mealtime” discipline, haha!}

Back to naptime, oh, glorious naptime! Sometimes I struggle with the older two not distracting one another, or Sadie waking up in the midst of it because she has to go to the bathroom (yep, she goes before bed, too, it just happens sometimes to where her bladder is needy.) On the days I get to go straight into naptime, I absolutely savor the silence. There is something so peaceful about knowing your kids are happily sleeping, and your house is cozy and quiet. In this time, I turn on my little robot vacuum to clean the remainder of the kitchen for me (it’s seriously my new best friend, haha,) I try to catch up on the messages on my phone, I clean up the house in areas that are lacking, figure out what is for dinner, start a load of laundry (or try to unload some of it in the playroom to transfer to their rooms when they wake up,) read a book, go on voxer with my friend Cassie, talk to family members on the phone, or the most rare of them all: get to muster up the creative joy to do a blog post. Oh, how I love getting to unwind and write, but it’s been something these days where if I am tired and worn out, I am just uninspired–and I’d prefer to spare anyone from reading anything like that!  🙂

Naptime/quet time self care, in the form of a healthy lunch scramble

When 4pm rolls around, Sadie usually comes in my room, or finds me in whichever room I am in, ha! I get her a snack and some water, we cuddle (she typically wakes up hungry, snuggly and emotional,) and then I slowly open the blinds for Hadley to wake up. Reese has been a great sleeper the past month, so I let her get a good nap in, then come to get her, as well. The remainder of snacks are dispersed, and we either go back upstairs to play in the playroom, I have them play in the backyard while the baby stays in with me (while I prep dinner,) or we all go in front to play with the kids in our neighborhood.

Sometimes we go outside to play…and one always keeps things interesting 🙂

Aaron usually comes home around 5:30pm, to which he most often takes the girls to play inside or upstairs. It’s a good time for him to get one-on-one with them, while I finish up dinner. Don’t get me wrong, he texts me almost daily asking what I had in mind for dinner, and if he can grab anything (ie: takeout, or an onion…somehow I’m always short an onion, haha) before he heads home. There are some days that are hard, and I take advantage of Chinese takeout. We have an incredibly delicious one in our area, so that, or a thin crust chicken artichoke pizza from Papa Murphy’s sometimes saves the day. More days than not though, we sit and have dinner as a family.

After dinner, one of us takes the girls to give them baths (usually Aaron,) while the other stays downstairs to clean up from dinner (usually me.) It used to be swapped, but he is ridiculously efficient with bathtime, and I find cleaning the kitchen with some music on and a candle lit quite relaxing (am I the only one? 😆 )

We let Reese crawl around and play with her sisters for a bit, but between 6:30pm and 7pm she goes to bed. My routine with her: say her goodnights to her daddy and sisters, nurse her, read a story, zip her up in her sleepsack, cuddle her for a few minutes, lay her down for prayers and say goodnight. It’s about 10 minutes or less, but I cherish the one-on-one time I get to spend with her.

On good days, we will snuggle with the girls in the upstairs playroom and put on a little bit of a movie, read stories, or have some kind of activity (even opening mail together can be an activity, ha!) to do before we get them ready for bed. Sometimes a major playroom cleaning intervention needs to happen, too, which is fine…just a part of life. I like to make sure we typically go to bed with the house tidy so tomorrow is always a fresh new day.

Aaron humoring the girls by letting them “be doctors” and take care of him! Can you even see him? haha!

When getting the girls ready for bed, Aaron is usually the one to read them two stories (they each pick one.) It’s important to us that they get as much “Daddy time” in the evening as possible, since I’m with them all day. When it’s lights off, we get them in our beds, each take turns laying with one, swap, and say prayers as a family. Hadley typically has some pensive life questions for the evening, and Sadie grows incredibly adamant that she needs mama snuggles. We make it work, and get them to bed happy, settled, and feeling loved. There are days they try to be stinkers and come out of their rooms, but those days are becoming less often.

From 8pm to 10:30pm Aaron and I catch up on life and spend time together. A lot of times, he has some work to do on his laptop, so I will still be near him and catch up on news for the day or talk his ear off while he’s trying to get some work done, ha! Other times, we have some friends that are cool enough to come over when our kids are asleep, and we will watch shows together (usually Sundays for Walking Dead, or Mondays for Bachelor,) or even have a game night. Oftentimes, my little sister also comes over…she’s kind of a hybrid of our 4th child and a second mama to the girls, which is actually pretty perfect. There’s even times she either offers to watch the girls so we can go out, or her and I make a late-night Target run. Either way, I am happy! 😉

Somehow between 10:30pm-11pm it takes me forever to settle down and get ready for bed. From taking off my makeup, changing into pajamas, to brushing and flossing (I’m getting better at flossing daily, woop woop!) it’s just an entire ordeal I actually don’t look forward to but absolutely require every night. Maybe that’s why it takes me so long!?! haha!

While there’s speculation many people have about TV before bed, all of my awesome family of the Midwest (my dad included) liked to watch something happy before bed. For us, it’s The Office. I set a 30 minute sleep timer, we get a few laughs, and go to sleep. I absolutely cannot go to bed feeling stressed or upset (from seeing something creepy on TV, I don’t do scary movies,) so The Office is just perfect. 🙂 I love filling our diffuser with lavender and cedarwood oils; falling asleep to those pretty smells, too.

That’s my day for you! A mixture of jam-packed but full of simplicity at the same time, yes!? I’ll tell you what, I am more tired now than when I was teaching 3 classes of 36 middle schoolers, so there’s that! 😆 I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to be home with my daughters, so I try to make the most of our days together. At the same time, I am pretty obsessed with my hilarious and sweet husband, so I always try to make sure we get enough time together, too (hence being a bit of a night owl at times for the sake of us getting quality hangout times.) It’s definitely still a balancing act, but I go into it with love, a sense of humor, and many moments of over thinking it, but if it’s ever a disaster, I tell myself what I tell my daughters on their harder days, “Tomorrow is a new day, and it can be the best day ever!”

PS: Here are a few “extras” we/I sometimes do on our days:
-Hadley has preschool MWF from 8:45-11:45. On these days, I take Sadie and Reese on a walk or a jog in my double stroller. They love the fresh air, I love the endorphins.
-On Thursdays, I try to go to a hot yoga class at my gym, where the girls go to the childcare. I never ever thought I’d love hot yoga (I thought the heat was for extra-torture when in actuality it’s for the sake of increased flexibility,) but it’s become therapeutic. I’m terrible at it, I retort to child’s pose more often than not, but I always leave feeling 100x better than when I came in. On those days, I pack a lunch for the girls (remember, I forget mine most of the time, haha) and we go to the indoor pool where they either have swim lessons or play in the pool.

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