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My Beauty Favorites for the Annual Sephora Sale

November 14, 2017

While I’m not much of a clothing or shoe shopper, I love good makeup and cosmetics. Even when I’m looking at a picture of a celebrity on the red carpet, the first thing I notice is their face and makeup. If you know me, I’m not daring when it comes to makeup looks, but I feel like I’ve grown happy and confident with how I achieve my daily makeup look. I love for my makeup to look like me, but accentuate my features for a look that is soft, fresh, and a little hint of shimmer. I can be in sweats and dusting around the house, but if I take a look in the mirror and have a little makeup on, I still feel put together (funny how that works!? πŸ˜† )

My favorite sale of the year takes place at Sephora, typically around Veteran’s Day weekend. This year, it is from November 10-15th (in stores and online.) In order to qualify for the sale’s benefits (either a discount of 15% or 20%) and for your purchases to be tracked (to determine whether you get the standard 15% discount of the earned 20% discount) you must sign up to be a free Beauty Insider. There are three tiers of Beauty Insiders, with purchase thresholds determining your level. I’ve always been in the VIB level, as I stock up on products for the year during this sale (I also grab a few Christmas presents for family,) which in tune reactivates my VIB levelΒ  (win-win, yes!? πŸ™‚ ) Below is a list of items organized by ones I’ve purchased for several years, new ones I am trying, and a few that are on my wishlist/would make a great gift for someone. (All of these items are linked so you can order any of them online, and you can use the code INSIDER15 for the standard 15% off discount whether you sign up or not. πŸ™‚ )

This post contains affiliate links. These are all items I have purchased, own, love + I’m happy to take the time to share about. πŸ™‚

1.) My Favorite Primer
It wasn’t until a few years ago I realized how different my makeup lasted and oxidized throughout the day until I started using primer. It took a few tries of a few brands before I went on a mission to sample a few for a few weeks, and absolutely fell in love with this one. It is light, makes your makeup apply effortlessly, has SPF, and I even learned turns your makeup waterproof! I get the value size, and while it is a splurge, with this sale it isn’t as bad, and a bottle typically lasts me almost a year. If I had to pick one item from this sale, this would be it.

2.) The Best Brow Powder
Being a natural blonde with sparse, sad eyebrows, I am so happy to have found this brow powder. This is the first step to how I do my brows, using a brow powder brush to apply this. It fills in your eyebrows without making them look entirely drawn on. I prefer the medium/brown combo color for my coloring.3.) The Perfect Matte Bronzer
I’ve tried most of the “favorite” bronzers (including Benefit’s Hoola and Nars’ Laguna,) and this is by far my favorite. It adds a sunkissed glow (or a great contour) without adding that tacky sparkle I try to avoid. It comes out light but is entirely buildable. I’ve been buying this the past 4 years and will likely never go back. *I make sure to buy the matte version, as there is a sparkly one, too.

4.) THE BEST Makeup Setting Spray
My amazing friend Brittany made me forever-fan of this when she gave me a bottle for my birthday. I didn’t believe anything could get my oilier skin to cooperate and not need to be touched up, but this spray is a miracle. I don’t even opt for the oily skin version, as this one works just fine! I always spray this after I’ve finished my makeup (usually 2-3 spritzes versus what the instructions say) and I swear that my makeup lasts so much longer than when I forget to use it! A bottle typically lasts me about a year.

5.) Finishing Powder (Something I never knew that I always needed)
After I’ve applied my face makeup, I use a large powder brush and do a quick, light layer of this over my face. It helps to achieve that “poreless” look and sets your makeup to look so smooth. This container typically lasts me 1-1.5 years, as you only need the tiniest amount!

6.)Β My Go-To Eyeliner
Since I’m yet to master the winged eyeliner, I feel like this method for a slightly-smoky eye is foolproof. I typically do a light layer of black eyeshadow above my lashline, followed by a smooth line from this creamy pencil. I’ve probably been buying this for a good 8+ years…a staple in my makeup bag. πŸ™‚

7.) Clarisonic Brush Heads
If you don’t have a Clarisonic, I cannot recommend it enough. I got my Mia 2 when I first had Hadley and wasn’t happy with how my complexion had changed from having a baby. (Tip: If you get a Clarisonic, get it in a kit so you also get to try some additional products!)Β  Using the Clarisonic helped to exfoliate my skin, making my skin absorb products much better, and my makeup go on much more evenly. Considering I’ve had the same one over 4 years now, all I do to maintain it is get some new brush heads every year.

Things I love but didn’t need to repurchase this year, because I still have enough:

1.) Brow Pomade
Instead of a pencil, I use a a fine brow brush (this one) to apply it to define my arch (the powder fills in my actual brow, this creates the detailed shape so it doesn’t all just look colored in. It’s waterproof, and doesn’t come off until it’s time to take my makeup off. The tiniest bit will last you so long- I’d say my pot will last me a good 2-3 years since I am already a year in and it’s not even half-used.
2.) Naked 3 Palette
While I love the Naked 2, for my complexion, the colors of Naked 3 can do no wrong. I was intimidated by the “rose gold” description, but nothing makes me look pink-y or sickly, and instead I feel like the shades are almost gemstone-like and give the prettiest hint of natural shimmer. I’ve used it every day for almost 2 years and it’s not even close to being completed.

New Purchases:
Since my “repurchase” list is a bit extensive, I only buy a few new things each year to try out. I typically stash any gift cards I’ve gotten throughout the year to justify going past my list (since #threekids and I feel a little guilty with how this list adds up, but hey…it lasts me all year! πŸ˜‰ )

1.) Powder Highlighter
I debated between two colors but went with Moonstone because it was the most similar to the shade I use in my current highlighter, which I actually love, but wanted to try this one to see if it meets the hype. To offset the price tag of this one, I scored a $3 Elf highlighter brush at Target (I actually LOVE Elf brushes, judge me! πŸ˜† )

2.) Beach Walk Fragrance
Confession: I’ve used the same perfume since high school (Ralph in the little blue bottle, you know you remember it, ha!) Why? I get compliments almost every time I use it. It smells amazing, and it makes me feel young, so hey, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Well, I got to smell Beach Walk, and fell in love. Even Aaron asked, “What is that smell? It smells so good!” It’s considered a Spring/Summer fragrance, but I don’t follow rules, and I think it’s even better to smell beachy when you are in the vitamin D-lacking colder months. This is one where the 20% off helps out big-time, and it’ll last for a very long time.

Items I love to Gift:
1.) The Skincare Sampler
I’ve given this to my sister in the past, and she’s loved having a new mask, peel, or moisturizer to try every so often. The bottles are a good size, so you get plenty of use out of each one.
2.) Tarte Eyeshadow Palette
The shades (& packaging) are beautiful, and the price is just right. It’s filled with neutral colors that are complimentary to many skin tones. I’ve gifted many girlfriends this one, and I was even so lucky to get it for my birthday (and am loving it so far!)
3.) My Favorite Body Lotion
Fresh out of a shower, I love putting this lotion on. It’s light, non-greasy, and leaves the tiniest bit of a clean, timeless fragrance. Something that amazes me about this smell, is how different it wears depending on the person. Multiple times I’ve asked my mom what fragrance she’s wearing (because she smells that good) and she will tell me “Christie, it’s always Amazing Grace, ha!”

That concludes my list. If you made it through this, you’re my people! If you’re wondering where my foundation, mascara, and blush are, the answers are MAC, drugstore, and MAC, which isn’t a part of this lovely sale. I hope this could be of any help to you, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment, email, or send me a DM on my Instagram @henleyandhadley.

Thanks for reading!
<3 Christie






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    Ohhh I need to get better at doing my make-up! Thanks for sharing!! πŸ™‚

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    Thanks for sharing these! I’m definitely going to check out Beach Walk and the eyeliner!

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    Hi, thanks for those tips. Do you use foundation?

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