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My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Must-Haves (for the Mama & the Littles!)

July 13, 2018

It wasn’t until I was on a summer trip to visit family in Newport Beach that I discovered the Anniversary Sale. I was a 19 year-old college student working part time (aka: not rolling in the big bucks, ha!) and was able to snag some cute, high quality clothes that were comparable in price to somewhere much less high-end. Since then, I have learned to shop this sale and find staple pieces that will last me (and a few things for the girls) for several seasons and even years! Some people might not get the hype, but I am a woman that 99% of the time only buys something if it’s on sale, so this is my favorite sale (second being the Sephora VIB sale in November) each year.

This post contains affiliate links. These are all items I have purchased, own, love + I’m happy to take the time to share about. πŸ™‚

What is this sale?
The Anniversary Sale in a nutshell is: items being released once the sale ends that will be full price until the season ends. Instead of buying your fall clothes on sale when the season is over, you get to grab it before the season even begins! I have been a cardholder since before we got married, because a big portion of my makeup I get at Nordstrom. As you spend there (you can get a debit or credit card) you accrue points, and as soon as you hit a certain amount of points- you get a $20 “note” (basically a gift card) to shop. If you know me, I am as frugal as all getout, but I truly believe in quality over quantity, and it is no coincidence that the items I get from Nordstrom are typically the things that have been in my closet for years, but still look good as new. (*If you are a cardholder, you get an extra week headstart to shop the sale before it is released to the entire public. Many items don’t get restocked, so once it’s gone, it is typically gone until the sale is over and they eventually restock it full-price. If you don’t have a card, it is public access on the 19th, so you can still save things in your cart, if it sells out you should still check back, because I’ve experienced them restocking something I had wanted a few times.)

With that being said, I’ve made a list of things I have bought this season or have bought and loved from sales in the past. It might seem like a lot, but I have basically been pregnant and/or nursing since 2012, and this mama is in new need of some closet staples and a few fun things! I am also including a few things I have bought or am buying for the girls (I typically always get a pair of shoes, because the customer service and return policy for their shoe department is impeccable.)

PS: excuse the messy bun photos, but they’re for sizing reference (I’m 5’4”, also!) I got to go shopping after a long day with the girls, so I met up with a few girlfriends and seized the opportunity to shop without three kids within arms reach of me (which is my typical shopping situation 99% of the time, ha!)

For me:

  • These basic black leggings. Cotton, absolutely NOT see through, perfect to pair with an oversized sweater, ridiculously comfortable, affordable and flattering. These are a staple, and I replenish my pair every year (I’m on my fourth pair!) (Please note, my list began with leggings…priorities…haha!) πŸ™‚
  • This basic tee. You can’t beat $12 for a super-soft, “hits all the right places, doesn’t touch the bad ones” (ha) shirt! I got the “Pink Cedar Liz Stripe” in a small (I found it ran big, I am typically a medium but didn’t feel like having it be super-loose in the v-neck area,) and I will probably go back for either the black or the brown cattail color (perfect for fall!)

    This is the above-stated tee, these are the jeans below πŸ™‚

  • These jeans (in photo above, too.) These were one of my “splurges,” but when a pair of jeans looks and feels good, it’s worth it (and high-quality jeans last for years!) The sale price vs. the full price was also a big deal. I am not quite at my “goal size” but these still made me feel fabulous! I typically prefer Hudsons, and grab them at the Rack, but I am way overdue in a new pair of jeans!
  • These jammies! Let’s be real, my typical pajamas consist of an old t-shirt and some super-soft (aka: old and ugly) sweats. When I wear nice pajamas, the girls instantly compliment me and notice it. I have a Nordstrom nightshirt that I do love (again, a few years old and still as good as new,) so I figured it’s high time to add to my tiny collection of real pajamas. πŸ˜† Sidenote, they ran on the big side, so I grabbed a small. I will need to get the legs on the pants taken in (but Nordstrom does free alterations!) They also have them in a short sleeve/shorts version, in case long pants and long sleeves aren’t your thing!

    Probably the softest pajamas I’ve ever felt!

  • This long-sleeved shirt. I tried it on in a white medium (too baggy,) then tried it on in a red small because it was the only small my store had (perfect size, not into the color.) I ended up ordering the grey, because the white felt a little too see through for me, but I *really* liked this shirt, and it’s a perfect neutral staple!

    This was a white medium, I ended up purchasing a grey small.

  • My “splurge” shirt. I grabbed it to try on, immediately second guessed holding onto it because it is nothing like anything I ever wear, tried it on, and LOVED it. It’s beautiful, loose, extremely well-made, and probably my favorite thing I got. It’s pricey, but I can see myself rockin’ this for many years to come (and letting my sister borrow itΒ  πŸ˜‰ ) so I went for it. I got an xs (it runs SO big) in red (maybe the first red thing I’ve ever purchased!?) and have no regrets. πŸ˜†

    My favorite!

  • This fleece jacket. I got a light blue one of these last year, and had no idea how much I’d use and love it. So incredibly soft, great pockets, and the easiest jacket to pack for a cool night. I can’t stand my fleeces being tight/fitted, so I go for a medium.
  • These cropped workout leggings. I have had these for two years and *love* them. Although I can’t say the same about the full-length ones (I just wasn’t a fan,) these have held up numerous hot yoga sessions and jogs, and still look good as new. I wear a medium.
  • My favorite body lotion of all time. I’ve been going strong with this as long as I can remember. It takes on a different scent to whomever wears it, and I get complimented all the time on it. My mom and sister use it (I forget they do,) and when I hug them I’ll ask what that pretty smell is, and sure enough, it’s just this lotion! This bottle is huge, and will last well over a year! (Bonus, the small bottles are perfect for travel!)
  • These Nikes. I haven’t bought a new pair of Nikes in quite a while, so I was happy to see such a cute pair (and incredibly lightweight) in a fun color! The price is great, and even though it isn’t grey or black, I find the color quite neutral.

For the girls:

  • These baby shoes for Reese (new-ish walker.) She has these in another color, and I couldn’t think of a better first shoe. A super-soft but durable sole, the inability of sliding off their feet, can be comfortably worn barefoot or with socks, and absolutely adorable!

    By far, my favorite kids shoes we’ve ever had!

  • With that being said…same shoes, but toddler/kid version (they’ve held up with SO much wear and tear…I mean, pretty much indestructible to lots and lots of scooter food pedaling, ha!)
  • All three girls’ favorite comfort blanket. My aunt has gifted my babies these blankets upon their arrival, and they’ve become my favorite gift to give friends. These only go on sale during this time, and they’re worth every penny. All three of mine have had these blankets since day one of their lives, and once it’s safe for them to sleep with alone, it becomes the blanket that comforts them to go to sleep (I can’t say how many times I have frantically searched the playroom to find it so that Sadie would go to bed, ha!)

    Candid: notice the blankets closest to them πŸ˜‰

  • The best baby headbands! Stretches from newborn to even adulthood, incredibly soft, no headband dent lines, and the cutest! Again, another favorite baby shower gift, and I’ve definitely indulged in past Anniversary Sales for the girls. If I had to pick one color, it’d be ballet pink. πŸ˜‰

    A tiny baby Reese with a ballet pink Baby Bling πŸ™‚

  • My favorite baby/child toiletries in the world. I’ve yet to try a product of Noodle & Boo I don’t love. This is perfect, because it is a little bit of everything for $32 (and their items are typically on the pricier side!) The scent is light and beautiful and it’s incredibly comforting and softening for the girl’s hair and skin.
  • Car seat cover & muslin blankets. If you read my blog or check my Instagram, you also know my love for Bebe au Lait is real! I have a different print of this car seat cover (I’m not sharing it with my sister for my new baby niece) and it was perfect even for my August baby! Breathable, gives some shade and privacy to your baby whenever they need it! These swaddles are also a staple- spare nursing cover, a clean surface to place baby, great for swaddling, or even a backup burp cloth (the prints are also so gorgeous!)
  • THE best double/single stroller! We’ve been going strong with this stroller since Hadley was a baby, and it’s been with us through every Disneyland trip & family vacation. A roomy single stroller that converts to a double (our latest configuration is having it as a single, but using the additional glider board for the girls,) with an enormous under-basket and a smooth ride. Just about every single friend and family member of mine has this stroller, it’s on my top 5 of must-haves with kids. I only see it go on sale during Anniversary sale and a few elusive Amazon deals, otherwise, this stroller is on the pricey side (but totally worth it!)

    Stroller crew πŸ™‚

    That concludes my list of Anniversary Sale items! I had so much fun recapping purchases this year and in the past! I LOVE a good deal, and I love being able to share things that fit that description or are a worthwhile splurge! Feel free to ask me any questions, I am happy to help or share!

Happy Friday,

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