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Gift Guide: The Little Ones (Baby, Toddler, + Kid)

December 11, 2018

IMG_5711It’s such a fun time of year, especially seeing it through the eyes of my daughters- I swear it is even better seeing it again through them and getting to do things that make this season more fun and memorable! A few had asked me if I’d make a gift guide of ideas for little ones, which I was *so* excited to get to do: reminisce on things we have purchased as gifts to our kids or loved ones that have been well-loved…and a few things we are getting our girls this year! In this post, I am sharing items that I am most familiar with (ages newborn to 5 years old,) in a variety of price points, as well as beloved books! {I’ll also be sharing most of my links as Amazon or Nordstrom, because I most prefer their shipping and return policies.}

This post contains affiliate links. This means I make a small commission on any purchases you make through my links, at no additional cost to you. I so enjoy taking the time to write thoughtful posts that are helpful to other friends and parents, so I appreciate your support!Β Β πŸ™‚


1.) Activity Center (~$120)
Skip Hop Explore Activity Center
-Worth. Every. Penny. Reese was able to fit in this beginning at 4 months old, and used it up until she was walking. I love that it isn’t overstimulating, you can add your own toys with it, and the ones that come with are extremely high-quality. Also: it can convert into a cruise table, and even a play table for when they’re older- so it grows with your little one!

2.) Walkers (~$30-$50)
I have two picks, one is this stroller, which still has so much life as it began with Sadie when she was learning to walk, and has been a beloved baby doll stroller since. The other walked is this classic V-Tech one, which has the detachable board with fun sounds that an infant could play with during tummy time. There’s a brake, so it can be used to be a slow-moving walker. Ours has been well-loved by all three of the girls.

3.) Baby-Friendly Tea Set (~$15)
One of my favorite baby toys of all time. Hadley got the older version of this adorable, durable little tea set, and still uses it when she has tea parties with her sisters. The pieces are totally gnawable for the “everything in the mouth” baby stage, but also cute enough to be enjoyed as they grow older.

4.) Bebe au Lait Sleep Sack (Currently $20-$24 on Amazon)
There are two sizes, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months. Reese is 2, and still uses the size 12-18 months with still room to grow. I *love* these, because I feel like it has helped stifle Reese’s curiosity to climb out of her crib! This print is lovely, and gender neutral.

Edited to add:

5.) Fisher-Price DollhouseΒ ($25-35)
This is more towards the 12 months+ range, but the age range is 12months-5 years, so it is something you can gift earlier in life and they can grow with. We have the house, barn, and stable, and all three girls love playing with it. A bonus, there aren’t any tiny pieces for choking hazards *and* stepping on, ha!


1.) “I Love You, Goodnight”:Β Reese’s favorite book. We have sound effects for each page, and she lovingly refers to it as “Pancakes” (it begins with “I love you like I love blueberry pancakes…” πŸ™‚

2.) “Where’s Spot”:Β A classic…so well-loved I’ve had to shipping label quality tape the flaps multiple times (that’s a good sign, ha!)

3.) “Dear Zoo” Loved by all three girls, induced many baby giggles, and still calms a cranky little toddler. πŸ™‚

4. Bright Baby Books: We have the ABC as well as the animal ones, and both have been so helpful with getting my babies excited about identifying the pictures- have also held up incredibly over the years.

5.) Fluffy Tails crinkle book: This particular one was so loved by my babies, especially for long car rides or tummy time. I love that it is washable, too!

6.) “Each Peach Pear Plum” Reese’s second favorite book, loving referred to as “Peach.” She loves pointing to the clues on each page. It’s a classic, so if you don’t have it, I highly recommend!



Throwback of newborn Reese in her baby bling bow πŸ™‚

1.) Baby Bling Headbands: had to! They bring both the fuzzy-headed and the bald-headed babies styles to life! I definitely have a good collection of the classic wide bowΒ (favorite color: ballet pink) headbands, but love the dainty thin bowsΒ (favorites: white + new pink) for when Reese was a little baby.

2.) Elephant Infant-to-Toddler toothbrush set: I got this for Reese last Christmas, and she loved the cute “ear” handles of the toothbrush. It has set the course for great dental hygiene habits. πŸ™‚

3.) Jellycat Bunny: amazing for snuggling, looks *so* cute in a stocking. Sadie has the beige one and lovingly calls it “Honeybunny.”

4.) This animal pacifier holder: I can’t speak highly enough about these! Washable, easy for baby to find in their crib (and us parents to find whenever it was misplaced, ha!) The velcro eventually wore on ours a bit, but I was able to tie it. (Comes in other animals, too!)

5.) Noodle and Boo Essential Care Kit: The best smelling baby/children’s lotions and shampoos in the world. They’ve never made a product I didn’t think was amazing (I love using their lotion, too!)


1.) Picnic Basket (~$22)
This picnic basket is so adorable, has a lot of fun (and safe) toys, and has become multipurpose (think stuffed animals in the basket like Dorothy, ha!) It’s something you could totally buy at baby age, but is still enjoyed by five-year-old Hadley.

2.) THIS SCOOTER. (~$80)
The splurge of this category, but worth every penny! All three of my daughters have their own of these (after learning the hard way with Hadley that some scooters aren’t that easy for little ones,) and Reese learned how to scoot on this days after her 2nd birthday. If I had to pick one “toddler/kid” gift, it would be one of these- the girls play on theirs (and can go to and from the park) almost every day.


Already getting the hang of it on her 2nd birthday!

3.) Zoo Floor Puzzle (~$15)
Ironically, the first floor puzzle both of my children have successfully completed on their own. Cute illustration, just the right size for tiny hands, and one that my toddlers have loved doing over and over (and has held up well!)

4.) Cootie Game (~$8)
I LOVED this game when I was younger. Great little game that is engaging because you’re building a bug. Perfect for my little bug-lover, Sadie, ha!

5.) Plasma Car (Currently varies by color $48-70)
We’ve had ours since Hadley was two. It’s held up perfectly (tip: keep it out of the sun and it won’t age as quickly) and can work for children of various sizes (I can even kind of fit on it, haha!)

Edited to add:

6.) Calico Critter Cozy Cottage (~$28)
Hadley got this when she was three years old. While there are littler pieces and outfits, it is *so* cute for imaginative play, when they’re not quite interested in dolls yet!


1.) “Curious George Treasury” A classic that can grow with your child, timeless, sweet, and problem-solving stories that my girls have loved following along with since they were tiny….and for $11, it is so high-quality!

2.) “Penguin on Vacation” We’ve had this book for years, and the cuteness never wears off. A story about the most unlikely little friends, my girls love the artwork, too.

3.) Any of the Maple books! “Maple” (seasons changing and welcoming a sibling) “Maple and Willow Together” (loving your sibling, and sibling rivarly) and “Maple & Willow’s Christmas Tree” (problem solving with your sibling) are three of Sadie’s favorite books, and I always enjoy reading them to her.

4.) “The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear” My favorite book when I was a little girl, that is now enjoyed by all three of my girls!

5.) “Where the Wild Things Are” If you don’t have it, Sadie told me everyone should (she loves it, ha!) A classic in which I like the messages about using your imagination, behavior, and there is no place like home.


1.) These Hydroflask kids water bottles are amazing! A little on the pricey side, but extremely well-made, insulated, and even little Reese is meticulous about closing the lid when she’s done (lid isn’t spillproof but we have had no issues.)

2.) Binoculars. As silly as it sounds, Sadie has been asking over and over for a pair. They’d be great for kids 3-10, but will be a great stocking stuffer for her!

3.) Waterproof Flashlight. All of my girls think flashlights are amazing, and I love the tiny insurance policy with the fact that this is waterproof (because somehow everything gets wet when you’re little, ha!)

4.) Fishing bath toy. My daughters all love baths, and bath toys make their ritual complete! I’m getting this for Sadie’s stocking as I envision her and Reese having a blast with it!


1.) Aquabeads (Currently on sale on Amazon for $10, typically $20)
Such a great “quiet time” activity that Hadley LOVES getting to do! This is a great way for Hadley to hone in on fine motor skills!

2.) KidCraft Mansion Dollhouse (Currently $145 on Amazon)
A big gift, but one that will be enjoyed by all girls for quite some time. I love everything we have by Kidcraft (it’s primarily wooden) so I was happy to find this one!

3.) THIS SCOOTER ($89)
Extremely similar to the one listed in toddler, but is retractable to grow with your child. If you’re just starting with Micro scooters and your child is growing out of the toddler stage, I’d start them with this one, unless they’d pass down the original mini to their younger sibling.

5.) Lillebaby Doll/Stuffed Animal Carrier ($35)
Gender neutral print, and honestly could be great for ages 3+, but I feel like Hadley would enjoy this the most of my three kids! Can’t be the quality of Lillebaby, so a well-made little doll carrier is a great find!


1.) “Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree” I found this gem in the scholastic catalog and both Hadley and Sadie LOVED it! I am pretty sure it is one of my new favorite Christmas books- a little ashamed it is a classic and I’d never heard of it, but it’s never too late! πŸ˜‰ haha!

2.) “Frog and Toad Storybook Treasury” My favorite to read to the girls, and one I remember from childhood. Completely captures Hadley and Sadie’s attention and has a calming vibe, so one we love to read before naptime and bedtime.

3.) “The Snail and the Whale”: Adorable storybook about friendship in the most unlikely circumstance. A bonus is that it is fun to read aloud as a parent, too. πŸ™‚

4.) The “Antoinette”Β and “Gaston” books. Two separate but related stories about a french bulldog and a poodle and their adventures; Hadley could have me read them over and over!

5.) “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”: A classic that is highly requested for me to read over and over. I never mind, as it is so imaginative!

6.) “A Girl and Her Gator:” Gifted to Hadley by my aunt, the girls think this one is hilarious and love helping with all of the rhymes. There are a few spinoffs, including “A Bear and His Boy.”Β 


1.) Water bottles: I prefer the Munchkin cups (bigger sizes for kids, same technique as using a cup, but not worrying about a little sister tipping over a big sister’s cup) for home, and the Hydroflask for when we are out and about.

2.) Melissa and Doug $5-$7 Craft Kits: Hadley so enjoyed this butterfly magnet kit (we sent the final product to relatives we love,) this car kit looks like a lot of fun to decorate, too! I got Hadley this mirror one for her stocking this year, which I know she will think is so cool!

3.) Hatchimals 2 pack (good size for a stocking!) Probably the trendiest thing on this list, but she thinks anything involving eggs and baby animals is amazing, so who am I to not let her indulge in it!? πŸ™‚

4.) Walkie Talkies: A timeless toy, and one that my kids get so excited about whenever they get to play with them.

That completes the list for the baby/toddler/kid category! I am going to be working on a post of things Aaron and I like (including gifts and stocking stuffers) as soon as possible, so stay tuned!


Soaking up this peaceful holiday view πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading,

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